Artist Transforms Books Into Unbelievable Carved Landscapes

Canadian artist Guy Laramée takes vintage books, encyclopedias, and magazines and carves them down into stunning landscapes. From caves and mountain valleys, to zen gardens and temples, Guy Laramée sculpts mini worlds out of printed words.

You might wonder why anyone would want to destroy books, an important medium of knowledge. Well, by destroying these books you are essentially destroying information, something the artist believe we have an overabundance of. His carved books serve as metaphors for the overarching philosophical message of knowing more about the true nature of the world by knowing less.

His incredibly detailed landscape sculptures can take anywhere from 3 days to 3-4 months and have sold for up to $20,000 a piece. Find out more about the artist’s work on his website at

38_Dragon-Over-the-Clouds-4- 38_Dragon-(detail-2) laramee-biblios1 18_18_ryoanji-details 18_18_longmens 18_18_grand-larousse-details 29_29_browns-bible-1 29_29_solubility 29_29_browns-bible-detail-1 29_29_thewayout 27_27_10-great-wave 27_27_13-stupa-tibetan-chinese-dictionary_v2 16_16_book-people-1s 16_16_book-people-3s 16_16_tectonic-1s 16_16_the-grand-library800 27_27_08-in-advance-of-a-broken-land


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