The 15 Most Beautiful College Campuses In The U.S.

10. University of California Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz, California
Overlooking the Pacific and nestled among redwood trees, UC Santa Cruz is arguably the most beautiful of the UC’s. This unique campus is a natural paradise, blessed with panoramic views of the ocean and walking trails that take you through redwood forests, farms, and meadows. Among the most notable natural features of the 2,000 acre land, are the caves that allow Santa Cruz students to go spelunking without ever leaving campus.

9. University of San Diego – San Diego, California
This small, private, Roman Catholic university overlooking Mission Bay in San Diego is known for its gorgeous buildings and pristine landscape. Thanks to the founder’s belief that beautiful surroundings can improve the educational experience of students, almost all the buildings on campus feature a stunning 16th-century Spanish Renaissance Architectural style. One of USD’s most iconic buildings is the church of The Immaculata, a Spanish style church with a striking blue dome and elegant features that perfectly summarize the beauty of University of San Diego’s campus.

8. Berry College – Mt. Berry, Georgia
With over 27,000 acres at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, encompassing forests, meadows, streams, lakes, and even a population of deer, the Berry College campus is the largest continuous college campus in the United States. Portions of the campus are open to the public for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding on over 80 miles of trails. The natural beauty combined with the elegant, English-Gothic style buildings and the numerous reflecting pools gives Berry College the distinction of not only being the largest campus in the U.S. but also one of the most beautiful.

7. University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia

(Flickr/Patrick Morrissey)

(Flickr/Patrick Morrissey)

In 1976, the American Institute of Architects named the University of Virginia “the proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years”. Founded by Thomas Jefferson, this campus attracts thousands of visitors every year to its unique Jeffersonian architecture, of which the most notable example is the beautiful, Palladian style rotunda, an iconic historical landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. United States Military Academy at West Point – West Point, New York
The United States Military Academy is situated on what George Washington regarded as the most important strategic position in America during the Revolutionary War. The campus sits on 15,000 acres and offers striking views of the Hudson River and Highland Falls. In a style fitting for the nation’s most prominent military academy, the buildings, all built with gray and black granite, are set in a neogothic architectural style that lends an imposing, medieval fortress-like appearance to the campus.

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