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Meet The World’s Cutest Sheep


There’s a  breed of sheep from the Valais region of Switzerland that tops the list for the world’s cutest sheep. The Valais Blacknose sheep are well known for their shaggy coats and spiral horns, but most notably, their “black hole” faces, which give them the appearance of a cute cartoon character.

The Valais Blacknose has black patches on it’s face, ears, knees, hocks, and spirally horns on both sexes, making them easily distinguishable from other breeds of sheep. Although these sheep may look cute and cuddly, they are actually very tough and hardy breeds, able to survive in the extremely cold winters of  the high mountains.

They are raised for both wool and meat but with their unbelievable cuteness, I can’t imagine killing and eating one of these adorable sheep!



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