10 College Majors For People Who Love To Travel

College Majors For People

If you’re going to college and you’re the type of person who values travel and new experiences, consider these 10 college majors that can lead to careers filled with travel and worldwide adventures.

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1. International Studies/Political Science/Economics


A career in diplomacy or foreign affair often means traveling and living abroad in different countries as many diplomats are stationed overseas to help their country’s citizens abroad and to represent their foreign policy. Future diplomats would need a global mindset with strong analytical skills and a broad base of knowledge that covers history, sociology, business, economics, political science, and foreign languages to pass the extremely difficult Foreign Service Officer Test. Many diplomats start with majors like international relations, business, economics, law, journalism, and a foreign language, especially high-difficulty languages such as Arabic, Urdu, and Chinese.

2. English/Secondary Education

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ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers have the opportunity to work in remote and exotic locations teaching people to speak and read English. This job has long been a popular one among travel-lovers as they would have the flexibility and time to explore their chosen location while experiencing living and working in foreign communities. Those looking to make teaching English abroad should consider a degree in English, literature, or education.

3. Public Health

A major in public health prepares students for jobs in hospitals, nonprofits, NGO’s, or government institutions around the world working to address global health issues, preventing disease, and promoting health for people worldwide. An undergraduate degree in public health prepares students for work in the fields of social work and public policy or it can be a step towards a graduate degree program.

4. Biology

Many would associate a biology major with lab coats, microscopes, and laboratories, but in reality, biology is a broad field that open doors to a wide variety of careers, including many that involve working in the field such as zoology, animal behavior, and field research. If you picture your future self out in the field, collecting samples and studying plants or animals, a biology degree can help you get there.

5. Oceanography

The field of oceanography includes a variety of jobs that include the study of biological, chemical, geological, or physical aspects of the ocean. Oceanographers often do research on the effect of environmental changes on marine plants and animals and some of these researchers spend much of their time traveling around the world, gathering data on small boats or large research vessels. They could spend months in a remote location while they gather data or they can be constantly traveling, taking samples from hundreds of locations. Many students who pursue this degree often go on to pursue a postgraduate degree in a more specialized area of oceanography.

6. Engineering

In the field of engineering, the field service engineering job would be ideal for someone who loves to travel. Field engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining hardware or to repair machines already installed. Although the average field engineer typically learns through on-the-job experience, at least an associate’s degree in the specialized field is required with some employers preferring a bachelor’s degree.


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