5 unusual ways to start a conversation

5 unusual ways to start a conversation
5 unusual ways to start a conversation

Sometimes it happens that you need to spend the time before sending the airship wisely, and the only way is to talk to a random companion. These tips can be applied to any type of conversations, because with their help you can maintain the flame of dialogue with anyone!

1. Leave small talk to losers

It is claimed that people yawn two times more intensively when the interlocutor informs them that “the weather was so great last week”. Well, scientists have not figured out anything like this yet, however, they will probably find out soon, because a small talk on general topics makes the interlocutor feel bored. General topics, like weather and job might come in handy sometimes, but the brightest conversations are usually about something unexpected.

Look for a topic of conversation at the place where you are. For example, if the interlocutor has a glass of martini and olive in his or her hands, ask: “Do you know that the olive is an excellent absorbent and prevents fast intoxication?”

2. You may be to blame.

If something pleasant has happened, then everyone wants to make himself a “hero” of success, however, the situation is not the same with unpleasant incidents. Learn to share responsibility with others for what happened but try to look for the reason in yourself. Accepting the blame, you disarm the accusers, they can only say: “Probably, this could happen to everyone”.

3. Make the “aggressor” your friend

When we have to deal with a person who loves arguing or simply intolerant person, we are highly likely to experience irritation or resentment. Try to enter his or her position. The person may have been pretty tormented by running through people indifferent to his affairs, it is possible that he or she is sick or in trouble, or maybe the person just has a very weak nervous system.

Anyone will become calmer, if you treat him or her with respect. Try to understand why the person behaves in a certain unpleasant way and suggest some help, being an emphatic person.

Even in an online conversation this advice is extremely wise, because when you start arguing violently, the consequences might be very devastating, Thus, when you are chatting with an aggressive person in any chat messenger, for instance, NEEO Messenger, you’d better stay calm and try to understand the interlocutor’s point of view.

4. Criticize carefully

Often criticism gets back to you like a boomerang. When you decide to criticize a person, remember that they can react exactly the same way. Therefore, firstly, talk about your own mistakes, and then criticize your interlocutor. Point out the mistakes of others not directly, but indirectly, and do not criticize the person, only the actions and the deeds. If you decided that criticism is necessary, you should say something like: “You are a smart person and you understand that in this case you did bad”.

5. Let your fantasy run wild

People underestimate hypothetical questions, often considering their interlocutors crazy. Nevertheless, it is a hypothetical question with a touch of fiction that has the greatest chances to interest the interlocutor. Moreover, they can lead to a very interesting discussion with various outcomes. Both of you have a chance to find something new in yourself and each other.

6. Do not quarrel Even during harshest conversations, don’t shout: “You are wrong”, or “It is your fault”. Do you want to show a person that he or she is stupid or bad, and you are quicker and better? Your interlocutor obviously will not like it. Thus, you will make it difficult to follow your own opinion, albeit it is correct, because no one likes to feel defeated.