6 Different Varieties of Sarees in India


The best way to accentuate women’s beauty traditionally and ethnically is to adorn her with saree. Saree is not only lovable attire of India but of the entire globe too. Saree used to be an indispensable part of Indian women’s life as it was worn daily by household women. But with the greater western influence on our society, the sari took backstage, and now it is worn during events, cultural parties, or other occasions. But still, sari is the number one choice of every Indian woman, especially during functions and occasions.

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Different varieties of Indian Sarees:

Party Wear Sarees:

Parties in India are highly recognized by their show and display statement. The center of the appeal of any party is always any beautiful woman and the thing that makes a woman attractive and beautiful is the attire she carries. In almost every traditional Indian party, women love to wear saris. The right choice of saree or attire can make any woman the queen of the day at any party. So wisely choose the design and color of sari that can compliment your look well.

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Wedding Sarees:

Make your wedding saree by adorning a perfect sari at your wedding. A wedding is a day when all eyes are on the groom and bride. The main centre of attraction of any wedding is always the bride as she looks like the queen in the attire she wears during her special day. Indian weddings are full of vibrant colors and rich celebrations, so the outfit chosen for the wedding is also very rich and vibrant in terms of colors, designs, and embellishments. Wedding sari is perfect to wear during various wedding ceremonies. The Latest and your fashion designers have revolutionized the way, we look at wedding sari. The latest designer wedding sarees are designed with a wide range of cuts, styles, and designs that gives the bride a unique look.

Bollywood Sarees:

Many people in the world often try to copy the Bollywood style and fashion as everybody wants to look magnificent like Bollywood stars. When it comes to clothing women try to wear clothes like the leading actors. Saree is the most traditional outfit of India that is loved by everyone around the globe and Bollywood also loves to carry sari and experiment with its look in many greater and unique ways. Bollywood sarees are made from good quality fabric such as georgette, crepe, net, chiffon, and silk. Georgette, crepe and chiffon help to look women look slim and thus these are highly preferred for making Bollywood saris. 

Formal Sarees:

In ancient times, saree was known as daily wear as Indian women wear it daily at their homes. But now the demographic of sari has widened a lot and many working women are now wearing the formal version of sari at their workplace. With the innovation in design patterns, the formal sari has become universally flattering ethnic wear. Generally, traditional silk fabric is used to design formal saree. Formal saris come with high neck blouse, standing collar blouse, or Chinese collar blouse that looks for formal wear.

Casual Sarees:

Casual sarees are designed with the patterns and designs that give the awesome look. Though casual saree is made for informal wear or daily wear, still these are now transformed to a greater extent to add the drastic change to the attire. The latest designers are offering the perfect combination of colors, patterns, and designs to meet the requirement of the customers. Casual saris are generally embellished with light and simple digital printing work and light colors too.

Cotton Sarees:

The one attire that is highly popular in India especially during the scorching heat of the summer is known as the cotton saree. Many reasons make the sari the number one choice for summer such as it is comfortable to wear and carry, useful for different occasions, embrace the feminine look in a greater way, and many more. Some of the popular saris made from cotton are Gadwal saree, Jamdani saree, Sambalpuri saree, and Kota Doria sari.