7 Common Causes of Attic Mold


Attic Mold grows in a part of the house that a house owner does not access frequently. That is why; it is essential to conduct regular checks to eliminate mold and moisture issues. Attic mold is a hyper-allergic one, leads to respiratory problems also. They can decrease the value of the property if it does not get eliminated at the right time. The best Mold Testing Company can help you in getting rid of them. So, if you are wondering about the leading causes of Attic Mold, here are some of them. Eliminating such things will also help you to get rid of mold in your house. 

Table of Contents

1. Improper Insulation around Fixtures

If the edges of the ceiling are not insulated appropriately, and fixtures not correctly sealed, warm air can rise by to the attic. It leads to an increase in energy loss and due to this, moisture problem starts arising. The warm air gets in contact with the cold surface of the attic walls and then condenses. With time, mildew and mold start growing on the walls and floors of the attic. 

2. Bathroom and Kitchen Vents Exhausting Into the Attic

A bathroom and a kitchen vent must not be exhausted into the attic. In this case, the vent should be directed outside the house, either through the ground or roof. A lot of humid and warm air gets produced in bathrooms and kitchens, and it should be eliminated through exhaust fans or vents. If the moist and warm air is let out into the attic, a wet film over the floors and walls will form, which can give rise to mold. 

3. Dryer Vents Discharging Into the Attic

In some places, dryer vents get installed in such a way that it gets discharged into the attic. It is never a good option to do such things because the dryer releases the moisture and hot air into the attic. Due to this, moisture gets developed, and it can also lead to a fire hazard. It happens due to the accumulation of lint. 

4. Different Types of Attic Vent 

Correct ventilation in your attic needs to be ensured so that the air gets quickly eliminated from the space. Also, make sure that the attic vents on your attic are similar. Having different kinds of attic vents can trap the air and decrease the efficiency of the system. 

5. Water Heaters in the Attic

If water heaters get installed in a warm, closed area in the attic, there is a chance of mold growth. It would help if you moved the radiator from the attic to your garage so that the forming of the mold can get prevented. Not only has it helped in preventing attic mold but also water leakage due to a broken heater. Both water leakage, as well as condensation, can give rise to mold in the attic. 

6. Leakage in the Roof

A leakage in the roof can give rise to attic mold. Even if your roof is constructed newly, there are still chances that leakage can take place. Due to this, the roof gets damaged. Each time the rainy season approaches, water becomes accumulated in attics that degrade the building’s structure. It also leads to the formation of mold in the attics.

7. Damp and Wet Clothing

After washing a lot of clothes, you might have kept that aside to hang up after some time. Due to other works, you might have forgotten to do so, and the damp clothes are there for the whole day. Trust me; mold only needs a day to start growing and increasing. Mold can significantly contribute during warm months when wet clothes are in one place for a long time. 

8. Home Flooding 

Home flooding is also one of the problems that give rise to the growth of mold. After such situations, your home will require days to get dried up like before. For mold development, this is an ideal environment. It can lead to the growth of toxic mold that is not good for your situation. During that case, you need to hire a mold expert who will come and clean the mold after following a thorough inspection. With that, you won’t be able to get rid of the mold. 

Hire A Specialist To Eliminate Attic Mold At The Earliest!

To eliminate attic mold, detecting the source from where it is growing is essential. For attic mold remediation or inspection, call the best mold Restoration Company in the city. Also, you must know that the mold does not get confined to a specified area. If it’s not taken care of, it can spread through the foundation and interior without warning. The best company will not only help in eliminating the mold but will also explain to you how to prevent them from occurring.