AI- The Emerging Technology

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Humans are surrounded by technology all around them. Every day new inventions and discoveries are being made to make life easier and effective. Artificial intelligence is one of them. Artificial intelligence service varies from day to day chores to huge multinational operations, a lot is now being done by artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. It is an invention that works and operates like the intelligence of normal human beings. It is made to do some work which is done by the intelligence of humans. It mimics the cognitive functioning of the human mind. Some of the activities performed by artificial intelligence include voice or face recognition, planning, problem-solving, ability to manipulate things, reasoning, knowledge, etc.

Artificial intelligence at present is limited to self-driving cars to identifying weapons. The artificial intelligence active at present is narrow artificial intelligence which is limited to outdoing various human tasks, like solving a complex equation or playing mind games. But wide artificial intelligence would be likely to outdo humans only.

Presently, it is used for human service purposes like for benefiting the society, economic matters, but if used destructively then it might be a risk to the entire humanity. Autonomous weapons are intelligent weapons that work independently. If they somehow landed in the hands of the wrong person, they might even lead to artificial intelligence war, thereby keeping the entire humanity at risk. Even though artificial intelligence is guided to do some productive tasks, but sometimes they may do something devastating in the process of achieving that goal. They are designed to function like humans, but it is not possible to predict the way these robots would behave. They are designed to be smarter than humans, but it may be possible in the future than they end up controlling humans only. 

Artificial intelligence was initially developed to reduce excess human error. Humans are bound to made mistakes. Artificial intelligence was made to reduce human errors by shifting the work done from humans to machines and thus increasing reliability. There are many risky things like mining, bomb diffusing, etc that humans are unable to perform. With the help of artificial intelligence, these risks can be undertaken and work can be carried out easily. Another advantage of them is they can work tirelessly without taking breaks, unlike humans who want regular breaks to regain their energy. Thus work can be carried out24*7.

 There are certain tasks that are to be repeatedly performed. When such tasks are undertaken by humans they get bored and which further results in low productivity. But with it, such works can be easily performed without the effectiveness or efficiency being compromised. Artificial intelligence also provides digital assistance which is used by many big companies to interact with the customers and to learn their needs and requirements. Artificial intelligence helps in prompt decision making by analyzing the methods given to them, unlike humans who take time to analyze and who also take decisions with their emotions.Considering the growth, usefulness, and usage of artificial intelligence, more and more AI manufacturing companies are emerging.