Apple Watch Sport Loop Size: 42mm or 38 mm? How to Choose

Apple Watch Sport Loop Size: 42mm or 38 mm? How to Choose

Whether you’ve already bought an Apple Watch or thinking of buying one soon, you have the option to decorate it with a stylish band. A sport look makes an ideal addition when you expect a combination of style and comfort. However, a loop is useful only when you select it considering your watch’s case size. In this post, you’ll learn whether to get Apple Watch sport loop 42mm or look for other options.

Apple introduced its first sport loop with the release of Apple Watch Series 3. Today, you can buy the official Apple Watch sport loop strap at around $49. If it’s a costly deal, reach a  reliable third-party supplier in Australia and get a sport loop at a price as low as AUD $39.

In addition to the low price, one more reason to buy the Apple Watch sport loop from a third-party supplier is colour options. From formal colours like black to bold ones such as pomegranate and neon lime, there are plenty of colours to choose for your personality.

While buying a sport loop, many buyers make the mistake of not considering the case size. As a result, they end up buying the wrong band for their Apple Watch.

How to Pick the Right Size of Your Apple Watch Sport Loop

Although the size of a good sport loop as Apple Watch band fits all types of wrists, it is essential to pay attention to the case size.

It is essential to know that Apple builds its smartwatch in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The former is called petite size, while the latter is the largest watch version. From Apple Watch Series 1 to Series 3, there were watches with 42mm versions.

A reputed, reliable sport loop manufacturer creates the loop for two case sizes: 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm. Before ordering a sport loop for your Apple Watch, ensure that it is compatible with your smartwatch’s case. If your watch is the bigger version of the device, go for the Apple Watch sport loop with 42mm size. The seller must have mentioned the case size with the band. Check it before placing an order. 

Another way to decide on the band size is to go through the size guide below:

  • 38mm/40mm fits 125mm-200mm wrists
  • 42mm/44mm fits 140mm-220mm wrists

Important Things to Remember While Buying Apple Watch Sport Loop

In addition to noticing the case size, there are plenty of other things to consider, especially when you are buying from the third-party supplier. Here are they:

  • Design

The Apple Watch sport loop strap should be a lightweight band that looks stylish. It must be suitable for both formal and informal occasions. 

  • Material 

Although the loop comes at a lower price than the official Apple sport loop, it needs to be a high-quality product. Ensure the band is made of double-layered nylon weave, which makes it lightweight and breathable. 

  • Wearability

There should be a hook-and-loop fastening mechanism to make it easier to wear and remove the band. Also, it must have dense loops to provide cushioning on the wrist. It enables the user to wear the watch for several hours, without feeling uncomfortable in it. 


How you buy a sport loop can build or break your experience with the watch. When you have a bigger version, and you buy the right Apple Watch sport loop 42mm, it makes you feel good. On the other hand, the wrong size makes it difficult to wear the watch, even for a few hours.