Best And Effective Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 9999


Manage Transactions, income, bills, and invoices are simpler when you have accounting software like QuickBooks. It is essential accounting software that makes accounting smooth and better. But what if it begins showing errors that influence your finances. QuickBooks Error 9999 is one such issue. 

Right now, we will talk about the ways by which QuickBooks mistake message 9999 displays on the computer screen and what are the fundamental steps to expel it. If you want to know more about this error then contact us on our QuickBooks Support helpline number.

Symptoms of Banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks

There are different symptoms of QuickBooks error code 9999, they are: – 

  • The user’s active window crashes down whenever this error comes up. 
  • The issue shows up more than once every time the user attempts to open a similar program. 
  • The Windows operating system doesn’t perform or become extremely slow. 
  • Mouse and keyboard do not work at all.
  • The PC Freezes or hangs after at regular intervals. 
  • The issue occurs because of an incomplete update. 

Main Reasons for Banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks 

Some of the main causes of QuickBooks Bank error 9999 are-

  • The Desktop version of the accounting software isn’t completely installed. 
  • Downloading QuickBooks software is damaged or corrupt. 
  • Windows Registry file Corruption has occurred because of a few changes in accounting programming. 
  • Presence of malware or virus in the files of the PC. 
  • Few files have disappeared because of an accident or because of malicious activity. 

Best Solutions to Fix Banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks 

Here are the solutions by which you can remove the QuickBooks Desktop Error 9999. 

Solution 1:

  • Click on Report Issue inside the error message, In the Banking Transactions screen 
  • In the Banking Transactions screen, you have to enter your email, name, and then click on the Submit button. 
  • The official group will get back to you inside 10 business days. 

Solution 2:

  • First of all disconnect the present QuickBooks Online account that you are using.
  • Find the pencil symbol in the selected account – the one that didn’t upgrade. 
  • Edit the account info. 
  • Find the “Disconnect this account on save” option and then click on it. 
  • Now click on the Save button and then close the window.
  • In your Dashboard, check whether the account is disconnected from your bank account. 
  • After that, go to the “Add account” option then link QuickBooks Online account once again. 
  • Enter the username and password again in order to access the account. 
  • The software will automatically update the transactions from the bank account data that you upgraded. 

Solution 3:

  • Type command in the start menu’s search box and press the CTRL+Shift button at the same time. 
  • Click on the Yes button when the permission dialog box shows on the screen. 
  • In the black box, you simply need to write ‘regedit’ and then press the Enter button.
  • Choose the key that is related to the Banking Error 9999; so as to back it up on the Registry Editor. 
  • You require saving the QuickBooks backup key by clicking on the Export button. 
  • Now, select the folder of your choice 
  • Type a significant name for the backup file and then select a selected branch from the export range box. 
  • When done, click on the Save button. 
  • You will see that the file has a .reg file written next to it. This implies that the file is totally backed up in the registry entry. 

Solution 4:

  • Open your Internet Explorer browser and go to the favorites option.
  • Press CTRL+H button to look at history. 
  • By choosing a filter, pick the manner by which you need to view history. 
  • So as to erase or remove specific sites, press the right button of the mouse on them, and delete them. 


I hope this blog, will help you to fix QuickBooks error 9999 for you. If not, you may contact our experts on our QuickBooks Support helpline number. Our experts will provide the best solution to resolve this issue.

As a team of QuickBooks experts, it is our duty to ensure that our customers understand all about QuickBooks error 9999 or any other issue that they are facing. Our goal is to give you an issue free experience on your accounting tool. If you are facing any other issue related to QuickBooks or its products such as- QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Hosting, Online, Enterprise, etc then contact us on our QuickBooks Support helpline number.


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