How To Choose The Ideal Living Room Sets?

How To Choose The Ideal Living Room Sets?

Thanks to its dimensions alone, it is an important element in your living room. Are you going to decorate your living room, then you almost automatically think about this first? What are we talking about? The couch!

There are quite a few things to think about when buying a living room set. Do you want it to be the eye-catcher of your interior and the ideal sofa? Check our tips.


The best Living Room Sets for you

To arrive at the ideal sofa, ask yourself:

  1. How many people do you want to be able to accommodate? 
  2. What is your favorite attitude? 
  3. Which setup fits best in your living room? 
  4. Do you want a sofa with leather or fabric upholstery?

These four questions will help you choose and buy your ideal sofa. More about this in this article. Maarrrrr you may not need to read the entire article. We have received a bank. And that could well be the ideal sofa ….

Flexible sofa

We are all very enthusiastic about this sofa. In our view, it is the ideal sofa: Chelsea. This element sofa is flexible in every possible way.

Chelsea suits many living styles. What starts as a colorful yet peaceful looking New Perspective style living room changes to Island chic? A style that remains atmospheric, but has the light, cozy and cheerful elements in it.

Would you like to know more about these living styles and how our stylists approach this behind the scenes? Check the inspiration page From New Perspective living style to Island chic.

Of course, you want to know more about such a pioneering bank. If it comes then:

Divisible lounge sofa:

Chelsea consists of separate parts, is quite low, and has a deep seat. So a modular lounge sofa or element sofa. Just about any conceivable setup is possible. From two-seater to corner sofa. Or put one element down and use it as a chair or armchair.

Lots of choice in fabrics:

Super cool is that you can have each element made in a different fabric. In the photo, you see Chelsea with fabric in various trendy terra-peach and rosette shades. Totally hip. Is such an upholstery a bit daring for you? No worries: you can get this sofa model with all kinds of fabrics and leather from our 100-fabric concept.

Okay, enough about our new topper. If Chelsea is not the bank of your choice, you want to know:


Sofa: furniture of size

How many people do you want on your sofa? Your lifestyle and family situation are important when choosing the size and seating comfort of your sofa.

Whether there will be a large sofa or a small sofa depends on the size of your living room. But almost even more of your living situation. Is that alone or living together? With or without kids. And don’t forget: check how often you have friends and family. You don’t let that stand, do you? 😉

TIP: It’s nice to at least be able to sit on the couch with your family. For guests, you can add dining chairs or place one or more armchairs.

Sofa: favorite posture

If you always lie on the sofa, you need a different type of sofa and comfort than someone who sits neatly upright. The employees in our furniture stores know the seam of this. We give you these basic tips:

– A lounge sofa is low, has a deep seat, and lends itself well to hanging and lying.

– Do you have problems with your back, do you want to get up effortlessly, buy a bench that is higher and has a shorter seat.

TIP: How are you sitting on the couch now? In the store, you should also sit on the sofa that you have in mind.

Bench: a perfect setup

Is a spacious U-bench ideal? Is a trendy corner sofa it all? Or would you rather set up a modular sofa or separate 2- and 3-person sofas?

To determine which sofa is best for you and your home, look at your family composition and take with you:

– The shape of your living room: layout newspapers in the shape of the sofa you envision. Does the shape feel good?

– The position of the television in relation to the sofa: can you easily watch from your favorite spot on the sofa?

Can’t quite figure it out? In Trend hopper home shops, an employee thinks along with you.

TIP: do you have a small living room? Then put down 1 large sofa. A small space seems larger if you put a small number of large furniture than a lot of small ones.

Sofa: food for thought

The sofa upholstery also gives food for thought. Do you want a leather sofa or a fabric cover? There are advantages and disadvantages to both upholsteries. The properties can vary per type of leather and fabric. That is why it is wise to get advice about this in the store. Topics you can discuss with the consultant:

– Which material feeling do you want?

– How should you maintain the upholstery?

Living decorating

Do not you just replace the bank, but also rearrange your living room? At Trend hopper you will find plenty of living room inspiration. Go to one of our furniture stores. There are complete living room sets; you automatically get plenty of ideas.

Interiorities questions

you find it difficult to imagine how the sofas, dining chairs, tv furniture, coffee tables, chairs, lamps, and cabinets are furniture stores in your living room? Then you can ask for interior advice. The advantage of this is that a stylist looks beyond the style of the sofa; she gives you all kinds of ideas for decorating your living room. And of course the styling. Think of atmospheric accessories, such as a pillow on your new ideal sofa.


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