Continue The Essence Of Valentine’s Day With Your Spouse After Marriage

Continue The Essence Of Valentine’s Day With Your Spouse After Marriage
Continue The Essence Of Valentine’s Day With Your Spouse After Marriage

Valentine’s day is a happy day, maybe not for singles, but definitely for couples. It is a day of love. There is no specific day to show love to your partner, I agree, but does that give you an excuse to do nothing on this day. Even if you don’t believe in Valentine day or Valentine gifts, showing love won’t do any bad for you. Your partner still deserves to be loved.   

As the date of 14 Feb comes close, couples get down on the task to make the day better than the last one because it’s Valentine, the official day of love celebrated all around the world. There is something about this day that stirred love in the air. Sure it is a sweet day for all the people in love. In fact, the charm of 14th Feb is multiplied after you have said “I do” to your love. People reading this article are presumed to be married right now. It is even more special for you because no matter how many valentine’s you may have celebrated together while dating or an engaged couple, you will get only one valentine’s as a newly married couple. Things sort of change as soon as one gets married. Most people stop celebrating this day once they tie a note and everything becomes very mundane for them. Instead, it is your first Valentine as a newly married couple and this won’t repeat at any cost like your anniversaries or birthdays. It is completely normal if your first valentine as a married couple is expected to be grand, but you don’t need to feel obligated and instead try some simple celebrations like at least cutting valentine’s day. Now that you are a real couple, I have some ways how you can still keep the essence of v day alive. 

Make a couple’s bucket list

Just married? Well, you are starting a new life along with your partner by your side on this road. Things are just starting up now, so at the start of this new life, you too can prepare a couple’s bucket list. You are going to be occupied with your life in the coming months because things take time to settle in. so, this Valentine’s is a perfect chance to take out time and list down the things that you want out of this marriage or your life and ask your partner to do the same. It is not only going to make things clearer for both of you but also helps you know each other’s wishes so you can consider fulfilling them in near future. So, prepare a couple’s bucket list while you enjoy a valentines cake.

A spa date

Do I need to mention how relaxing spa dates can be? This valentine makes a point of being a coupe that goes for spa dates together. Regarding having the opportunity to unwind and get to know each other, spa dates are actually the greatest utilisation for this day. Book a spa date in advance and after a nice breakfast, go for a spa date and relax while talking to each other. You won’t believe that people communicate better when they are relaxed. A couple’s massage can go far, particularly during the month like February with light chills. In addition, numerous spas have uncommon bundles for Valentine’s Day offers with add-ins like champagne and chocolates, so you’ll make certain to feel the sentiment while you’re getting spoiled.

Book a getaway

If you truly want to make the most of the quality time that v day spares you, disappearing together out of the city is an incredible method to go through your first Valentine’s Day as a wedded couple. You can book a night away or make a more drawn out get-away out of it—as long as you are enjoying each other’s company. Consider heading someplace warm for a long end of the week, or perhaps book a close by a lavish place with an outside bonfire for the evening. In case that an overnight outing doesn’t accommodate your spending plan or don’t get an off, don’t stress. 

These are some ways you can keep the essence of valentine’s alive and celebrate the v day in the most special way when it’s your first as an official couple.