DevOps SkillPractical Learning Path

DevOps SkillPractical Learning Path

DevOps Learning Path

DevOps Learning Path helps you gain skills to work in DevOps. SkillPractical DevOps learning path focuses on the fundamentals of DevOps technologies. This learning path will help you to start from scratch and helps you to gain a good knowledge on DevOps technologies. Learn about infrastucture automation, lean and agile transformation, security, monitoring, and site reliability engineering. Explore tools and concepts for infrastructure automation. Build a continuous delivery pipeline using practices.

SkillPractical Learning paths give a structure to training programs. A sequenced and structured learning route has many benefits. Firstly, it allows people to learn in smaller, more convenient chunks. Secondly, it empowers the learners by putting them in the driver’s seat and letting them choose what and how they want to learn.

DevOps levels inlcudes: Hands-On Ansible , Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Hands-On Puppet, Nagios.

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SkillPractical learning path is designed for individuals who want to learn how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications in the AWS Cloud. Build technical skills as you progress along the path toward AWS Certification.

DevOps on SkillPractical is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users. Azure DevOps is a set of services that gives you the tools you need to do just that. With Azure DevOps, you can build, test, and deploy any application, either to the cloud or on premises. DevOps practices that enable transparency, cooperation, continuous delivery and continuous deployment become embedded in your software development lifecycle.

In this learning path, you will get started on your DevOps journey. You will:

• See how value stream maps can help you evaluate your current processes and technologies

• Sign up for your free Azure DevOps organization

• Learn how to plan and track work items using Azure Boards

• Optimize sprint workloads across multiple Agile teams

• Collaborate with others to build your applications using Azure Pipelines and GitHub

• Run automated tests in your pipeline to validate code quality

• Scan your source code and third-party components for potential vulnerabilities

• Define multiple pipelines that work together to build your application

• Build applications using both Microsoft-hosted agents and your own build agents

For Beginner -In this beginner section, you’ll learn the basics of DevOps.

Intermediate – In this intermediate section, you’ll learn about AgilePM®, test-driven development, and continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Advanced – In this advanced section, you’ll learn about orchestration and automation, infrastructure from code, and testing automation.

While I truly acknowledge the benefits of DevOps, which is directly linked to improved software development and deployment, from my limited experience I can say that it’s not an easy job. It’s very difficult to choose the right path in mind of so many tools and practices.

Python – If you want to learn Python, then The Complete Python BootCamp is my favorite resource, which will teach you Python 3, the most popular version of Python.

Java -If you want to learn Java then The Complete Java MasterClass is a great course, which is also recently updated for Java 10.

JavaScript – if you want to learn JavaScript then you should not look beyond Mosh Hamdani’s JavaScript Basics for Beginners course on Udemy.

This is where the Ops part coming in, earlier it was solely supported guys and sysadmin people who were responsible for knowing about OS and hardware, but with DevOps, now developer also needs to know them.

You at least need to know about Process Management, Threads and Concurrency, Sockets, I/O Management, Virtualization, Memory storage and File systems as suggested in the roadmap.

Thanks for reading this article so far from SkillPractical. You may be thinking that there is so many stuff to learn, so many courses to join but you don’t need to worry.