A Brief Guide To Funeral Memorial Cards

Funeral Memorial Cards

Sharing love from earth to heaven!

The idea of writing a funeral tribute for a lost loved one is quite disheartening. It is gloomy to share your heart when all you feel is helpless in such moments. However, this can be a beautiful way to embrace the memories and to celebrate the end of one’s life. You can scribble your feelings and the bond you shared with the deceased in memorial cards along with the pictures bid a heartwarming farewell. 

Here’s a brief guide that will help you gather strength and ideas for funeral tributes!

Elements Of Card

Memorial or prayer cards are the laminated brochures used to pay tribute to the deceased. Since it is all about sharing the memories or feelings associated with the lost loved one, it 

should comprise the following elements or details:

  • Name of a deceased
  • Photo of a deceased
  • Date of birth and death of a deceased
  • His or her beloved song or quotes

You may also include additional details such as the name of closed family members, friends, his or her hobbies, interest, and much more to cherish the emotions at the memorial event.

Content And Format Of Card

Remembrance cards are usually small-sized folder tributes to share among the family and friends. Though it is a great way to speak your heart out, you should consider writing in brief because of less space. Therefore, after adding the necessary details regarding the deceased, you can engrave or print a beautiful poem that delineates the love and bond you shared with that person. In addition, you can also quote an inspiring message to help close family members deal with the loss.

Personalization Of Card

When you yearn to bid a farewell by personalizing the prayer card, you can also order the funeral booklet to add more details or feelings. You can ask the seller to customize the design according to your family traditions or as per the personality of a deceased. This is a great way to hold the memories of a lost loved forever in your heart.

Emotions in Card

There is no denying the fact that losing a loved one is hard to accept and handle. It feels melancholic to deal with the situation, especially in the initial days. Besides, writing for the memorial tribute is also sentimental. However, you should allow your emotions to flow because this not only helps you to relax your heart but also end up in a personalized and beautiful farewell. You can behold the memories you have made up together and share them in the form of pictures and writings.

How To Choose A Funeral Memorial Card?

Since life is an unstoppable journey where we cannot have control over someone’s birth and death, it is good to enjoy every moment and to accept every circumstance. The same goes for a funeral or farewell where instead of grieving, we can celebrate the end of one’s life and ensure his or her remembrance in our hearts emotionally. Funeral memorial card is thus, a beautiful way for cherishing the hearty feelings and lovable memories. 

Below are the ways that you should consider before buying a memorial or prayer card:

  • Look for the custom designs and patterns for a personalized tribute.
  • Ensure the high-quality of a card.
  • Consider the pattern which should be regional or devotional.
  • Buy the design that perfectly matches with the personality of a deceased.
  • Consider buying it online for cost-saving.
  • Check out the transparency of the website.
  • Contact on the mentioned phone number or email address to delve into the details.

In a nutshell, no loss is bigger than the loss of a closed family member or a friend. However, as it is a harsh truth of life that we cannot change, celebrating the last moments with love and memories is thoughtful. Though we really do not wish for such times in our life, opting for personalized memorial cards is a helpful way to bid a beautiful farewell.