HairStyles for Face Shapes


The shape of your face can do a lot to determine what style looks best on you. You should be looking for a cut that will emphasize your best features while drawing attention away from the features you want to hide. There are seven basic face shapes, which we’ve outlined below with hints to help you pick a style that suits your face.

To determine the shape of your face, tie your hair back, and then trace the outline of your face on a mirror in lipstick. This will help you discover precisely what face shape you have.


Considered to be the ideal face shape, an oval face is 1.5 times longer than it is wide, with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw, which is somewhat rounded. This face shape works well with most hairstyles, but there are a few guidelines you want to keep in mind when selecting a style. To draw attention to the best features of your face, try getting a style with layers at the same height as these features. If your face is longer, try adding bangs, which will shorten the appearance of your face. Avoid long hair, as it will make your face look even longer.


Round Faces typically have a round chin and a wide forehead. You want a hairstyle that adds height to the top of your head – so go with something that will give you volume. Also, try something that falls below the chin to make your face look longer. Avoid haircuts that are all one length or a concise style, as this will make your face look rounder.


Rectangular-shaped faces are long and narrow, with a high forehead and a square chin and hairline. If you have a rectangular face, try bangs to hide your high forehead. A style that is about chin-length, or has loose curls and waves will help to add fullness to your cheeks. Avoid really long or concise styles, as this will only add length to your face.

Pear or Triangle: 

This face shape is known to be narrow at the forehead, and wider at the jawline with a round chin. You want to avoid styles that add volume to the top of your head, but at the same time, you want your hair to appear wider at your forehead. This will help to take away attention from your jaw. Try something with curls to soften your hair.


Heart-shaped faces are narrowest at the chin (usually it is small and delicate), and widest at the forehead. You want a style that is going to add width to your jawline. Wavy layers will do this, as well as a layered bob that flips out at your chin. Long side-swept bangs also look good on this face shape. Avoid choppy layers.


Faces that are diamond shapes are widest around the cheekbones and narrowest around the forehead and chin. In order to create a balanced look, and to draw attention away from your cheekbones, try a hairstyle that has volume and is widest at the forehead.


The square face has a wide, short forehead, as well as a square jaw and a square hairline. You want a style that is going to soften your face and make it rounder, so try something with soft layers or curls that frames your face. Avoid anything that is sharp or blunt, which will just add emphasis to your square forehead and jaw.

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