How To Purchase And Wear All Over Print Shirts?

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Nowadays, all-over printed shirts are sweeping the market! They are in huge demand because of their unique prints and ability to draw the attention of people toward you. Well, it is easy to buy an all-over printed shirt, but only a few people know how to style with these kinds of shirts.

It is difficult to style with all-over printed shirts with ecstatic prints. A bad combination will make or break your style. Therefore, when it comes to wearing an all-over print shirt, then you must know the rules to wear it. Here, we will talk about various things that you need to consider while wearing custom all over print shirts.

Pairing Printed Shirt with Different Bottoms

Clothes with a stylish pattern are in trends! So, how about mixing different patterns? There are some rules to follow when you want to wear all over print shirts with the patterned bottom. These rules will let you ware patterned clothes without looking like a fool.

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Mostly, people prefer to wear a solid bottom to get a balanced appearance. But, it is fun to pair your all-over printed shirts with funky legging and other printed bottoms. The pattern mixing can be amazing, but it is imperative to have the fashion sense to embrace the unique style. Read the following rules and implement them while wearing a printed shirt with a printed bottom:

  • Never Match Floral With Floral

You should never mix a floral shirt with a floral bottom. There can be only one floral item in your entire clothing. Floral print with floral does not look cute. It is so because floral is a busy print, and two busy prints will be vying for attention, and it will create chaos.

  • Match Floral With Subtle Stripes

If you have a stripe printed shirt, then you can match it with your floral legging. These two patterns can go together. You can also do vice-versa, i.e., wear a floral printed shirt with subtle stripe bottom. This combination looks cute and attractive.

  • Pair Busy Colorful Prints With Subtle Mono

This kind of combination is a little tricky, but you can look perfect when done correctly. For instance, if you have a crazy pattern colorful shirt, then you can pair it with subtle mono printed legging. According to the thumb rule, the pattern that appears solid can combine with the busy print.

How To Choose Good All Over Print Shirt?

All printed shirts are not equal. Therefore, you should wisely choose a printed shirt. It is recommended that rather than following the herd, you should create your own trend. You can also go for a custom all-over printed shirt and look different from others. 

The custom sublimation shirts are of good quality, and the print will never fade away. Thus, when you opt for custom printed shirts, then ask your printer to implement a sublimation printing technique. 

Well, if you want to purchase all over printed shirts from the market directly, then there are various factors that need to be considered. Some of the factors will be based on personal taste, but you must follow some rule while buying all-over printed shirt:

1. Check Fabric Quality

You should check the quality of the fabric before buying shirts. Make sure you do not pay hefty charges for a bad-quality shirt. The bad quality fabric will not stay for long.

2.   Check Print Quality

When you are going to choose a printed shirt, then you should make sure that print quality is top-notch. No matter how attractive the print is unless it stays forever. You should buy those printed shirts whose print will never fade away.

3.   Pick Right Size

If you choose the inappropriate size, then the shirt will not look perfect on you. So, it is recommended to choose the right size that suits you.

Embrace This Latest Trend

We have explained how to choose the good-quality printed shirt and ho to wear all over print shirts. So, now it is time to embrace this latest style. Most people consider that this latest trend is not for them. 

But this is not true! Anyone can wear all-over printed shirts and flaunt their colorful attire. It is time to put on something colorful and stand out among the crowd.

If you are wearing an all-over printed shirt, then it is recommended to pair it with solid jeans or solid leggings. Do not forget to wear classic jewelry and look elegant. This simple combination works on all. 

You can style with this trendy shirt and look stunning. When you start loving a printed shirt, then you can pair it with other printed patterns.  The printed shirt looks amazing and you must try this latest trend.


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