Japanese Live Streamer Accidentally Burns His House Down

Japanese Live Streamer
Japanese Live Streamer

This guy is probably the most clueless person when it comes to dealing with fire. Every single decision he makes in this video is so frustratingly dumb, you have to wonder if this is really a joke. First he puts the burning lighter in a bag of paper towels that were used to wipe up spilled lighter fluid, creating the initial fire. Then he puts cardboard boxes ON THE FIRE, walks away for 30 seconds, and comes back with a small bowl of water. The heavy blanket was a good idea, but instead of smothering the flames, he fuels it with more oxygen by fanning it!

All this happens while people watch it live—that robot voice you hear is the text-to-voice reading their comments. And that voice is apparently the only sign of intelligent life in that room, telling him: “Behind you! Behind you! Behind you!”, “smother it”, “waaaaa”, “call 119” (Japanese 911), “use a fire extinguisher”. If he only he had listened to that robot voice, things would’ve turned out fine.