School / Educational Event Services

Educational Event Services
Educational Event Services

School / educational event services are the services which oraganize the events occurred in the schools or any school trip. From proms, proms/safe proms/senior projects to school photos of students and their teachers dances and fundraisers. our staff are cool, fun and ready to party. Best in the industry for proms, reunions and formal dinners. We DJs love to start the party. All new music with always mixed mood. Pure and fun music, interactive MC to shake up the party! Games, contests, live dance parties with music videos and more. Our professional event services start from the moment of planning and will exceed your expectations. Working closely with school boards, teachers, parents (PTO, PTA) and students, we are committed to success!.

Our photographers capture perfect moments and bring those memories to life forever. Funny photos, formal portraits straight from the big screen and more. Our full service provides the best entertainment all night long during All Night Grad Party – Safegrad – Graduation Project. We had a school with 75 graduates and 700 graduates. Some partners offer nightly excursions to theme parks, outdoor adventures, and ski resorts. Graduation ceremonies may be held at local YMCAs and at the campus/school. Event organizers work with fundraisers, parents, teachers, and facility staff to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully. The Graduation Project is a program that is offered by many high schools in the United States that offers supervised, non-alcoholic organized, non-alcoholic graduation events as an alternative to student-led events.

Events often last all night and are held in hotels or community centers. Students are screened for banned substances and closely monitored before entering. School Drawing Day! • Portraits of seniors ,Class photos , Yearbook design , Photo editing and advanced editing (facial/body reconstruction, etc.) are some special features of our services.Print ordering and digital delivery, On-site and off-site studio options available, as well as school studio. Nice photo zone! Instantly post green screen posts on social media. Live screen theme with unlimited printing. Also available are 4×6 and 6×9 options with instant printing on all sides. Outdoor cabins for large groups, closed intimate/private cabins. Photographic tapes are also available in digital form upon request.

The reviews regarding our services are just awesome and here is such a review -You are hurting yourself by not booking a Go DJ for a DJ/MC photoshoot. Andy and Mel B are the best in the industry and you won’t be disappointed. All my guests never ceased to admire the music, entertainment and photography. They are amazing