Some Common Causes of AC getting Freezing Up

Learn what is making your air conditioner to freeze up and once you notice, then try to fix the issue and get your AC back on track.

Some Common Causes of AC getting Freezing Up

The AC is undoubtedly a resourceful unit that gives cool air supply all through the summer time. If it is kept maintained by the house owner, then it works better and consistently for the entire summer time. There are several issues that can make AC functioning non-functional and one such issue can be when the ice forms on it. Moe clearly, when the AC freezes up, the ice got built up on the air conditioner. Well! Whenever, you see that ice gets built up on the air conditioner, then the first step you should do is to turn off the system. Doing so will prevent the AC unit to form the ice. But for your reference, here in this blog, AC repair West Park service has mentioned few common causes that fosters the formation of the ice on the cooling unit.

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Poor Airflow

Sometimes the poor airflow is the cause of the ice forming in the system. If the air conditioner is not getting enough air, then there will not be enough heat to prevent condensation on the coil so that ice doesn’t get formed. If you want to have proper airflow, then change the air filters because if the filters are clean and pure, then airflow can be maintained in a healthy way. Also, you should check the air vents in your home in order to check the air is passing from them or not. This way you can maintain proper airflow.

Damaged Blower Fan

The blower fan can sometimes break or can get damaged and doesn’t work in a normal way. When the blower fan doesn’t work properly and doesn’t change the airflow in the air handler, then condensation gets built up on the coils and water droplets don’t get evaporated properly. So the best way is to fix the damaged blower fan and to make it work functionally well.