6 Of The World’s Cheapest Destinations For Budget Travelers


Here’s our list of 6 travel destinations for adventure seekers on a low budget.



One of the most popular backpacking destinations in Asia, Thailand is the mecca for young backpackers. Food, lodging, and entertainment are all extremely affordable—costing an average of $40 a day— especially in the major cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. In addition to the vibrant local Thai culture, the major cities have a very active backpacker culture, so you’ll definitely get to party with people from all around the world.


Myanmar is among the most underrated tourist destinations in Asia. Once closed off to foreigners, this mysterious land is now open to the outside world. Though this also means that Myanmar is rapidly changing, it remains relatively untouched by tourism, compared to neighboring Thailand. Travelers to this beautiful country are sure to be enchanted by Myanmar’s ancient structures, beautiful landscapes, and the friendliness of the Burmese people.




India has long been a major destination for low budget travelers. Even if you choose to avoid cheap hostels and stay in mid-range accommodations, it would be really easy to keep your budget under $50 a day.  And with India’s amazing cultures, food, people, and ancient sites, traveling in India must definitely be included on your bucket list.


In South America, Bolivia is probably the cheapest country for travelers. It’s less developed compared to its South American neighbors, but that means the cost of traveling around the country is really affordable for tourists. You can get a room to stay, food, and transportation for about $20 a day. The thing that makes Bolivia worth visiting, however, is the land. From the Andes Mountains that run through the country, to the vast Uyuni Salt Flat, to the Amazon River tributaries, Bolivia has a natural beauty that attracts thousands of travelers every year.


Even before it went bankrupt, Greece was a very affordable European destination for tourists. But due to current economic conditions, prices in Greece are even lower, making tourism more cost-friendly for budget travelers and much needed for the local economy. Staying in hostels, you can spend about $45 a day while still enjoying the good food and visiting historical sites, museums, etc.


With all the civil unrest in recent years, many tourists have chosen to take a pass on Egypt. Some would say that Egypt has become dangerous for tourists, but most travelers to the country say that many resort areas like Sharm el-Sheik remain very safe. Of course, you should do your own research about how safe it would be for tourists, but due to the decrease in tourism, lower costs and smaller crowds have made now a great time for budget travelers in Egypt.