Top benefits of electric car

electric car
electric car

As we all know that the resources are depleting slowly, especially fuel. That is why most of the car manufacturing companies are coming up with electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are now considered mainstream. The cost of these vehicles is dropping rapidly. There are a lot of benefits to the drivers for switching from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles not only reduce the rate of pollution but also fuel, tax, and maintenance costs. Electric vehicles help in saving a lot of money. They also come with extra safety features like GPS trackers for cars.  If we compare the cost of a car per mile then the cost of the electric car will be quarter or half the cost of a traditional fuel car. There are many points that may convince you to switch from fuel cars to electric ones. 

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The following are the top benefits of switching to an electric vehicle:

1. Price of electric cars

Electric cars are great value for money. They are less expensive as compared to fuel cars. Like fuel and gasoline cars the cost of an electric car also depends upon the features, type, and model. Almost every electric vehicle are budget-friendly i.e it almost fits into your budget. 

2. Low maintenance

Although the price of electric vehicles is similar to fuel and gasoline cars. But the cost of running this vehicle is significantly cheaper than the fuel and gasoline cars for a lifetime. The electric cars are designed in such a way that their owners should be convenient to charge it. The on-board charger, the inverter, and the motor are the three main components of powering the vehicle. This means that there is less damage to the car and less load on the motor. All this concludes that you rarely have to service your car also the maintenance and repair cost will also be less.

3. Good for the environment and for you

Fully electric cars create zero noise and air pollution which is great for the environment. An electric car consists of a plug-in hybrid pair small battery and an electric motor that runs the car around thirty miles. Which is on a single charge you can run almost thirty miles daily. With the help of new technology and creating more environmentally friendly batteries the future of cars is bright and clean.

4. Fast and easy charging at home

Charging the battery of your car at home is the best and fast option. You do not have to take a lot of trouble. Just carry your battery upstairs, charge it overnight and the next day your car is ready for a drive. Using a 7kW of a home charging port will charge you battery in around eight to twelve hours. More WATTS of the chargers will boost up the speed of charging. Apparently it charges 80% of the battery in just thirty mins.

5. Silent and enjoyable driving experience

The first thing most drivers notice after switching from a fuel car to an electric car is the quietness of the car which makes the driver more comfortable, relaxed, and creates a peaceful environment around him. All-electric cars have immediate torque, which means you will have all the power in your hand. The time when you step on the accelerator you get an immediate response from the car about the speed. The batteries of the electric cars are found on the ground of the cars that give perfect weight distribution. This means driving around the corners and curve provides more convenience to the driver which leads to fewer chances of an accident. Some of the electric bikes also come equipped with GPS tracker for bikes making your ride safe and secure. 

6. Future of cars is electric

Since the resources are limited around the world, the future of the drivers is totally based on electric cars.  With the help of new technologies, the manufacturing companies are promising to reduce the charging time in minutes and improving features like safety, automation, etc. 

7. Becoming energy independent

Having an electric car, you do not have to stand in a line on the gas pump for a long time. This saves your time and energy. Electric vehicles make you energy independent. With the help of renewable solar energy such as a solar array, you can charge your car. Putting together a solar electric system and your electric car, you can charge your car without any use of electricity. This will save your electricity bill.


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