Top Underused Yet Practical Functionalities of Your Smartphone

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The age we live in is truly digital, and smartphones help us like no other device. Beyond the surface-level functionalities of calls, messages, and social media, they hide a treasure trove of features that often go unnoticed and barely used. Lets see which underused yet practical and beneficial functionalities of smartphones should get more appreciation in 2024, empowering us to make the most of our pocket-sized secretaries.

Built-in digital wellbeing tools

One of the most underutilized aspects of smartphones is the suite of digital wellbeing tools embedded in most modern operating systems. Features like screen time tracking, app usage monitoring, and the ability to set daily limits on specific applications are powerful tools for managing smartphone usage. By leveraging these functionalities, users can gain insights into their digital habits, identify areas for improvement, and strike a healthier balance between screen time and real-world interactions.

Offline maps and navigation

While many people rely on navigation apps for real-time directions, the offline maps feature often goes unnoticed. Downloading maps for offline use can be a lifesaver in areas with poor or no network coverage. This functionality not only helps conserve data but also ensures that you can navigate with ease, even in remote locations. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply found yourself in an area with unreliable connectivity, offline maps are a thing to consider and take care of beforehand.

Accessibility features

Smartphones are designed to be inclusive, and built-in accessibility features cater to a wide range of needs. Some of them make smartphones accessible to users with various disabilities:

  • screen readers;
  • magnifiers;
  • voice assistants;
  • color correction tools.

Exploring and customizing these options makes smartphones more accessible.

Emergency SOS and medical ID

Emergency situations can happen unexpectedly, and smartphones offer features that can be crucial in such moments. The Emergency SOS function, available on many devices, allows users to quickly call emergency services and notify selected contacts with their location. Additionally, setting up a Medical ID with essential health information can provide first responders with crucial details even if the phone is locked. These functionalities can be a lifeline in critical situations, yet they are often overlooked.

Smartphone camera beyond photography

Of course, you use the camera of your device – photos and videos won’t shoot themselves, right? But its capabilities extend far beyond traditional imaging. Various applications will help you leverage the camera for practical purposes, so that you can:

  • scan QR codes for quick access to websites or information;
  • digitize documents using the camera as a portable scanner;
  • explore augmented reality for new interactive experiences.


Task automation

Smartphones can simplify repetitive tasks through automation apps. Whether it’s scheduling routine actions, setting up location-based triggers, or automating device settings, these tools can save you time and effort. For example, you can create automation sequences to silence your phone during work hours, send predefined messages when specific conditions are met, or adjust device settings based on the exact location. Customizing your smartphone means further adapting it to your lifestyle.

Offline reading and podcasts

Many owners are unaware of the offline reading capabilities of their smartphones. Numerous apps allow you to download articles, blog posts, and news for offline reading, making it convenient for times when you can’t surf the Internet.

Similarly, podcast enthusiasts can download episodes for offline listening during commutes or travels. With these functionalities you’ll always enjoy access to your favorite content.

Multi-window and split-screen mode

Smartphones are devices with serious multitasking capabilities that often go unused. The multi-window and split-screen modes allow users to run two apps simultaneously, enhancing productivity. For example, you may take notes while watching a video, or browse the web and compose an email, or compare information provided by different apps.

Smart storage management

Running out of storage space is a common issue with any device. However, many are unaware of the built-in tools that help manage storage efficiently. Both Android and iOS offer features like “Offload Unused Apps” and “Smart Storage” that automatically remove unused apps or old files to free up space. Regularly reviewing and optimizing storage settings will ensure that the device runs smoothly and has ample space for new content.

Customizable keyboards and text shortcuts

Typing on smartphones can sometimes be a cumbersome task. The solution is simple: third-party keyboards often offer features like swipe typing, predictive text, and emoji suggestions. Additionally, you can create custom text shortcuts for frequently used phrases, saving time and reducing typing fatigue. Experimenting with different keyboard options can lead to a more pleasant typing experience.


While smartphones are now almost as popular as real life itself, their full potential is often left unexplored. Beyond the conventional uses, the device harbors a myriad of underused yet highly practical features. You can seriously make your life easier by exploring these functionalities.

It is worth noting whether you own a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, console, or smartphone, you should ensure that it is in good working order. Thus, find expert technicians in your area and contact them in case of any breakdown. And, of course, when your devices are functioning properly, you can start experimenting with their features to make your work easier and life more joyful.