What Are Real SARMs?


It’s no surprise that regular exercise is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life. But a healthy body isn’t the only thing that fitness junkies are after.

Exercise all leads to increased strength as well as a fit body. People want to look good. And if exercise can help improve your appearance, then more people will commit.

But increasing muscle mass and improving your appearance through basic workouts is hard. This is why many recreational athletes are using SARMs to boost muscle building.

Real SARMs are being taken to encourage faster, more noticeable muscle growth. So how do they work? Keep reading below to see if these benefits are right for you. 

What Are SARMs?

SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. You likely have no idea what that means. But basically, it’s a substance you can take that functions in a similar, yet safer way to steroids.

These SARMs bind to your androgen receptors. These are the receptors responsible for male hormones.

When SARMs bind to the ARs, they encourage your DNA to produce more muscle. 

Unlike steroids, which are not selective and can impact many parts of the body, SARMs are selective and only target muscles. This makes them much less likely to cause any negative side effects, which is why so many bodybuilding enthusiasts are using them.

Benefits of Using Real SARMs

Real, reputable SARMs include products like Ostarine, Ligandrol, Testolone, and Andarine.

Because these products are still relatively new, you can’t buy them in a capsule or ready-to-consume format. Instead, you have to purchase them as individual components and assemble them into a consumable format on your own, which is quite easy to do.

As such, real SARMs today are considered research chemicals, and can’t be called supplements. If you see a company calling their SARMs supplements, or selling prepackaged doses, you should be wary. 

Bodybuilders who purchase SARMs are typically looking for fast, noticeable muscle growth. They pair it with a rigorous exercise plan.

Along with muscle growth, many users are seeking a boost in overall athletic performance and something to aid in recovery after intense workouts. 

Are SARMs Safe?

Because SARMs are selective, unlike steroids, they are much safer and less likely to cause any collateral damage. They target the muscles and encourage growth, and that’s it.

Still, SARMs are relatively new and growing rapidly in popularity. While some studies have been done, there is much more to learn about these muscle-enhancing supplements.

But as long as you buy from reputable suppliers, such as Sports Technology Labs with verified 3rd party testing results, you should be in good shape. 

Follow dosage recommendations, but when in doubt, start off with less. 

Start Experimenting Today

Real SARMs can be purchased online today. They are marketed as research chemicals as opposed to dietary supplements.

As long as you purchase from a reputable supplier, you can start experimenting with them on their own, figuring out what works for you.

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