99 digital academy, Digital marketing institute in Gurgaon offers one of the maximum good sized course in Gurgaon and Delhi. our institute specializes in simplest guides related to digital advertising and marketing. this virtual advertising route is created in this sort of way that pupil receives the whole know-how of virtual marketing like how virtual marketing is put into effect while we are launching services or products.

We at 99 Digital Academy constantly hold the course updated such that scholar needs to examine those factor that is operating properly now. We are supplying whole interactive classroom courses such that scholars can easily engage with the mentors.

Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon


Students who’ve just written or completed their class 12th or individuals who are pursuing commencement & those who’ve completed graduation can join a virtual marketing path.
99 Digital Academy digital advertising and marketing institute affords a sturdy foundation such that after completing this path they could start their personal work or do freelancing or can land themselves in a reputed digital marketing company.

All of the operating professionals who need to upgrade themselves can be a part of the most in demanding skill in the marketplace i.e. digital marketing.
Someone who needs to replace from their dull activity profile to new & growing digital advertising discipline can be a part of this route. Or those who need to get information in digital advertising for job merchandising can do the Course.


Marketers who need to develop their enterprise on-line or those who need to start their enterprise to earn online can be a part of 99 Digital Academy Digital Marketing Institute which can supply a boost to their enterprise & earn online.
Freelancers can without difficulty upgrade their information on digital advertising and marketing and can attract more customers to boom their online earning.


Virtual advertising knowledge has ended up a need in most of the activity profiles like computer pupil, control & engineering college students. agencies are seeking out employees who are digitally conscious and can use digital equipment to develop their enterprise.

You can join 99 Digital Academy for Digital marketing course in Gurgaon as we’re one of the main digital marketing course provider in Delhi NCR. so we realize what works in digital advertising & whatnot.


Advertising specialists: Upgrading their abilities
Specialists in different fields: Upgrading their understanding, switching job profile, freelancing
Business owners, startups & marketers: Develop enterprise online, manage virtual marketing carrier
Virtual marketing specialists: To take an in-depth understanding of virtual advertising
Students & freshers: activity, certificates, live challenge & freelancing.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Course
About Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing Process & Penetration
Targeted Traffic for your Product or Service

Module 2: Website Planning & Creation using WordPress
Different Types of Website
Understanding Website terminology and purchasing domain name
Get a hosting
What is Nameserver & How To Change Nameserver in domain panel
How to Install WordPress
How to Create domain email accounts
WordPress themes
Create pages and post in wordpress
What are Categories vs tags
Create Menus in WordPress
How to Customize Themes
WordPress Plugins Overview , Analysis, Installation
How To Write Content
Integrate Payment gateway and website security
Website Planning

Module 3: Email Marketing
Introduction and Signup To Third Party Email Servers MailChimp
Dive Deep in MailChimp
Creating and publishing Normal website form
Creating and publishing Pop-ups on our Website
How to Increase Open Rates of Emails
How to increase click rates of emails
Change email id, hide contact address, new subscribers notification
Make all Forms as Single Opt-in
How to create Newsletter
How to create Auto responder

Module 4: Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Campaigns
How to Design Landing Pages
Design Landing Page using MailChimp
A/B Testing and publishing landing pag

Module 5: Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)
Adwords Overview
Adwords Search Campaign Setup and Analysis
Adwords Ad Extension
Optimize the Search engine campaign
Display Campaign

Module 6: Google Analytics
Google Analytics Overview
Off Site Analytics
Setup Google Analytics
Link Google Analytics with Google Adwords, Google Website,etc
Audience Analysis
Google Analytics Acquisition
Google Analytics Behavior
Google Analytics Conversion

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Working
SEO Introduction
Keyword research– parameters
Get Keyword Idea list from Google AdwordsShortlist Keywords on basis of Relevance, Monthly searches
Finding parameters Google trends & Monetary Value
Sort keyword on basis of 5 parameters
Final Selection of keywords
On page Introduction
On page HTML Tags
On page Meta Tag
On page SchemaTag
On page Content
On page Keyword Placement
On page Text Formats
On page Image SEO
On page Links
On page social media tags
On page site accessibility

Module 8: Advance Link Building
Tips to Get Links for Your Website
Tier Link Building
How to Create Use PBN (Private Blog Network)

Module 9: Google My Business
How to add in Google My Business
Tips for Ranking High on Google My Business

Module 10: Google Webmaster
How to add website in Google Webmaster
How to manage Google Webmaster Account
Why it is necesaary to link Google Webmaster Account with Google Analytics
Module 11: Facebook Marketing
Introduction and setup of Facebook page
Tips to create engaging post
How to Engage Facebook fans
Advertise on Facebook or Facebook Ads

Module 12: Linkedin Marketing
Overview, Profile building and Pulse posting
Linkedin Groups
Company Pages Building and Strategy
LinkedIn Ads Details
LinkedIn Ads Creation Practically

Module 13: Twitter Marketing
Twitter Overview and Working

Module 14: Youtube Marketing & Making money from youtube ads
Why Youtube To Be Includes In Your Marketing Strategy?
How To Plan Youtube Marketing Strategy
What “watch Time” Is Golden
How To Get The Subscriber Advantage
Tools Needed For Making Youtube Videos
How To Setup Youtube Account & Optimization It
How To Research Keywords For Youtube Videos
How To Structure Youtube Video To Get Maximum Impact
Seo For Youtube Videos
How To Create Amazing Youtube Thumbnails
How To Add Youtube Annotations & Cards
How To Promoye Youtube Videos For Free
Whats In Youtube Analytics
How to Monetize Youtube Videos
Youtube Ads

Module 15: Online Display Advertising
Online Display Advertising

Module 16: Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Module 17: Quora Marketing
What is Quora
How to use Quora to build your Brand.
How to get free traffic from Quora.

Module 18: Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Overview , Mobile vs app
Building Mobile App using ANDROMO
Buy Mobile App and Publishing it on Google Play Store
Mobile Advertising using adwords
SMS Marketing

Module 19: Affiliate Marketing
Overview of Affiliate Marketing
Types of Affiliate Markerting
How to start your own Amazon Affiliate Buisness.

Module 20: DropShipping
Overview of DropShipping Buinsess
How to find products for your dropshipping buinsess
How to market products to sell them in India or Worldwide.

Module 21: E-Commerce Website
What is e-Commerce Websites
How to use Woo-Commerce for a WordPress Website
Shopify Vs Woo-commerce Websites.

Module 22: Online Reputation Management
What is Online Reputation Managenment
How to build your Brand Reputation Online.
How to handle negative feedback of your customers online.

Module 23: Advance Digital Marketing Strategy
Advance Digital Marketing Strategy
How to plan & divide your digital marketing strategy in Phases.

Module 24: Conclusion