4 Issues That Can Impact Your HVAC System This Summer


It’s summer, and like everyone, your air conditioning system must also be on 24/7. With continuous use, your air conditioning system can get damaged, and you can encounter many issues, and as a result, it will stop working. And if you notice that your air conditioner has suddenly stopped working, then you should get in touch with professional and reliable HVAC Contractors Louisville areaThey can repair all your air conditioning issues efficiently and in no time. If you are willing to know the main problems that can impact your air conditioning system in this scorching summer, you should take a look at the below-mentioned pointers. 

  1. Capacitor Malfunctioning And Motor Failure:
    Capacitor malfunctioning and motor failure are the most common ones out of all the other issues, and the capacitors and motor of the air conditioning systems are very much connected. Two types of capacitors are present in the air conditioning systems; one is called a run capacitor, and the other is the start capacitor. The purpose of the start capacitor is to provide energy to turn on the air conditioning system’s motor. And the use of the run capacitor is to help the motor start by supplying the power. During the summers, your air conditioning devices are turned on long times, which is why capacitors can get overheat, and it wears out as the power supply exceeds too much. 

    Capacitors and motors work simultaneously, and that is why if the capacitors stop functioning, the engine will automatically shut off, and as a result, your air conditioner will stop working. Capacitors and motors are the main parts involved in making your air conditioner function, so if these two stops working, many other components can also be impacted and malfunctioned. 
  2. Clogged And Dirty Drain Lines, Dirty Filters, And Dirty Condenser Coils: 
    The drain lines, filters, and coils of your air conditioning can get dirty and clogged during the summers. It is the other most common issue that your air conditioning system can encounter during the summers. The drain line of your air conditioner can get clogged due to the continuous piling of dirt and mold. If you do not clean the drain lines regularly, there will be water leakage inside the air conditioning system, which will damage the system’s parts, and the air conditioner will eventually stop working. The filters in the air conditioner get dirty due to regular and continuous usage during the summers. Air filters are replaceable, and so you can replace them once every two to three months. The coils of your air conditioner will also get piled up with dirt with continuous use. If your air conditioning system runs with the dirty coils, your electricity bill will inevitably increase, and besides, the system can get severely damaged and will lose its lifespan.

  3. Refrigerant Leaks And Duct Leaks:
    Refrigerant is essential in the air conditioning systems because they serve the primary purpose of the air conditioners to keep your room fresh. Refrigerants help make your place cool by dehumidifying the air inside your room. Due to low refrigerant supply, the refrigerant lines or pipes can get leaked, which will create a problem in the functioning of your air conditioning system.

    A refrigerant leak is also a common issue which you can face in the summers. Like refrigerant line leaks, the ducts in your air conditioning system can also get leaked, and due to this, the cold air from the ducts will also leak out because the pipes carry the cold air, which gets smeared in your room. And so, if the ducts get leaked, the cold air will escape, and as a result, your room will not get cooled. 

  4. Your Air Conditioning System Will Blow Warm Air And Will Make Too Much Sound:
    Generally, air conditioners do not make much or any noise while functioning. You may hear too loud sounds emitting from your air conditioning system due to prolonged and continuous usage during the summers. Sometimes you will see that with loud noises, the air conditioner also blows warm air instead of cold air, and this can happen if the compressor is broken or some parts of the air conditioner are frozen.

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Things to Note

So, these pointers above are the main impacts of summer on your air conditioning system. If you notice any of the issues above during summers, you should immediately contact the best HVAC contractors to receive air conditioning repair and maintenance services. With their repair and maintenance services, your air conditioning system will again start functioning in no time. You can also try some troubleshooting steps. However, it is always better to call professionals with years of experience. They will solve the issue at the earliest and that too, with finesse.