Explore Why there are Filters in Air Conditioning Systems?

Basically, air filters in an air conditioner are to prevent dust particles from contaminating the indoor air because electric cooling systems utilize the outdoor air to control the indoor temperature.


Every time you turn on your AC, it starts absorbing the indoor heat, just to release it outside your home. This is how modern air conditioning systems function, i.e. they remove the indoor heat continuously until the temperature in your room becomes comfortable for you. When your air conditioner is making your home cool, dust particles present in the outdoor air can enter your room. That’s why air conditioners have filters in order to prevent those dust particles from entering your room.

Now we know that the only job of filters in an air-conditioning system is to prevent dust particles from entering and contaminating the indoor environment. But apart from this, you should also know how important it is to clean the AC filter at regular intervals. Making it simple for you, excessive dust on air filters may result in the breakdown of your device. When this happens, you don’t have an option left other than hiring AC repair Palm Beach Shores services. So, make sure you are cleaning air filters regularly because clogged AC filters may cause any of the below-mentioned problems.

Contaminated Indoor Air: The first sign you’ll notice is that the indoor air has contaminated with dust particles. Ignoring this is never a good move because dust particles contain several allergens, which can be harmful to your health. Therefore, dust-free air filters are crucial for a safe atmosphere where you can relax without worrying much about your health.

Poor Cooling Comfort: This is really hard for an air conditioner to deliver desired cooling in your home with clogged air filters. It is because the conditioned air passes through filters before entering the room, but when there’s too much dust on them, it starts obstructing the airflow. That’s how filthy filters affect the cooling speed of an air conditioner.

High Bills and Frequent Malfunctions: With poor cooling speed, an air conditioner is likely to function for a longer period to provide the desired temperature. This ultimately increases power consumption and as a result, you need to pay higher bills. Moreover, the possibility of malfunction is also higher when an AC unit is working longer than usual. Admiring this, AC users should understand the importance of cleaning air filters regularly.