7 Tips for a Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate Website
Real Estate Website

Having a website for your real estate business is not only an essential requirement for real estate digital marketing. It can also be an important resource for your existing and prospective buyers. Therefore, if you are planning to optimize your real estate website or looking for a new one, the tips we have shared in this blog will be really helpful. There are some features a good real estate website must have. 

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Eye-Catching Photography  

Someone who wants to buy property, first of all, looks for pictures of the property. Make sure that you can upload high-quality photos that can be displayed in listings and slideshows. High-quality photos are as important as property details. 

Visitor Registration 

Buying a property is an important investment. This is the reason why people spend months on planning and research. Their research begins with the web. They simply Google properties below a certain budget in their preferred location. They visit several websites but hardly remember the names of any. If they do, it’s only for a few days. If you want them to remember your website’s name, you need to keep them updated. This is possible when you have their email address or phone number. Therefore, encourage them to register and sign up for your newsletter.

Social Media Integration

If you want the highest engagement with your partners, current clients and prospective clients, you must integrate your social media profiles with your website. One should be able to visit your Facebook page from your website and your website from your Facebook page. Focus on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms as well.

Community Page

To make it easy for your website users to find properties in certain towns and communities, you must add community pages. Include all MLS listings. Also, add maps.

Featured Listings Slideshow

The home page should highlight your listings. The website is for your business. Your real estate branding agency will use your website to create a strong online presence. Therefore, customize it according to your brand, region and listings. Let your prospective clients see what you have to offer. Your website should make it easy to search and compare different properties for sale.

SEO Friendliness

Search engine optimization is one of the most important real estate digital marketing techniques. It requires less investment and secure high returns. This is also an important part of online branding. Companies designing website themes for real estate and other businesses focus on designing themes that are easy to optimize. 

SEO is a continuous process that demands time and effort. You don’t want to shift your focus from your core business objectives. You can take advantage of SEO plugins. However, it is advised to hire a real estate branding agency.


Blogging is important for both SEO and educating your potential customers. Google indexes and ranks websites that are regularly updated. You can update your website by regularly publishing posts on your blog. This will also keep your prospective clients informed about available and upcoming properties. Most importantly, you can win their confidence by publishing informative content that can help in making an informed decision. For example, you can write about real estate scams and tell how they can make a safe investment.