All about Pakistan Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

Many of us are associated with the realty sector in Pakistan and we have faced the worst economic crisis in the real estate industry. Such as old strategies, lack of trust, illiterate agents, frauds, and what not. But still, Pakistan GDP growth rate highly depends on this sector as per the official data, Pakistan’s GDP grew by 5.6% in the 2017-18 financial year. This happens due to a number of factors, particularly growth in various services and manufacturing sectors. The government limited the development of a few sectors i.e realty sector in Pakistan’s leading cities.

The sector was restored shortly after the new PTI government took office, but investors have been cautious, and before investing their hard-earned money in the sector, they want the surety of their investment will not waste. Zembuilders are really optimistic about investment in the real estate sector and keen to analyze the ongoing trends and want to share it with you people to make your career prospect. May be after reading this blog your approach will completely change. So give it a read!

Overseas Pakistanis Approach

Pakistanis who are living abroad usually prefer to invest their money in their homeland because they think they will eventually have to return home. So they see the realty sector a blessing. In large cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, most of the high-class residential societies provide a luxurious lifestyle with world-class facilities. By doing so, they succeed in gaining the attention of Pakistanis abroad. We can clearly see the progress of DHA is a mere result of high interest and demand s by overseas Pakistanis. 

Current Scenario

The real estate industry in the big cities of Pakistan is really doing well, the reason is the interest among motivated buyers. However, everyone is waiting for the government to take strong steps to bring about reforms that will boost investment opportunities in the sector. Many real estate analysts and agents believe that soon the government should introduce a number of key improvements if it wants permanent activity in the sector.

High Returns on Investment 

It is a true fact that the real estate sector is the only one with a high ROI in both the long-run and short run. We prefer that investment in the real estate sector to generate income is a great idea but keep in mind to consider some factors like Out-and-out research on the quality of the development you want to invest in, past sales, and purchasing trends in a given area, developer reputation, and market trends. We can recommend with great surety that real estate investment is safer as compared to the investment in the stocks and other assets.

Some Tips for the Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, you look for different types of property to invest in, such as farms, residential land, houses, apartments, and commercial offices. All parts of this asset are material assets, unlike contracts or pieces of paper. We advise you not to invest in misleading documents and products that claim to be real, but in reality, it has no value.

It is better to invest in a less-popular neighborhood where the price will increase by ten to fifteen percent in the next four to five years than buying a piece of document. Documents that will only give you a contract to build a house, or even the house itself, will only allow you to live and occupy your property by fulfilling the strict conditions of an owner, against whom you cannot take any legal action in case he does not oblige. Furthermore, be a real estate investor, not a player, and invest in legal assets instead of putting your investment on a piece of paper.