Bible Movies For Kids

Bible Movies For Kids

Have you noticed the latest bible movies for kids are really great? I don’t know why the parents of these small children have not seen them sooner. It’s not that they don’t like these movies. They would be stupid if they didn’t like them. But it is probably for one reason or another that they have not yet found them.

The best part about the recent bible movies for kids is that they portray a message of love and family to our little ones. They touch their hearts in a way that nothing else can. Many of these movies have gained much popularity among families. I am not talking about just the views of the religious minded. I am talking about the views of all the family’s that watch these movies.

The latest movies have brought back the excitement that was there years ago when we first watched the bible stories in our Sunday morning class at church. Back then we didn’t have computers and television. So we used the bible stories that we were able to find on the radio, the T.V. and the printed Sunday morning magazine.

In these modern times many of the Christians have left the country or the area in which they live and are now living in the suburbs of bigger cities where technology is available for them. They have found their peace and joy in the computer and T.V. watching the cartoon movies and reading the comics that their local libraries have in stock.

But one thing that many Christians have not found the enjoyment in the bible movies for kids are the cartoons. We have enjoyed watching Disney movies for many years with all of the magic that they have created in our minds. But the bible movies for kids did not bring this magic to the screen until recent years. But now these are the movies that Christian parents are finding to be wonderful tools to teach their children about the bible and its teachings.

Some of the bible movies for kids that have come out are “The Transformers”, “X Men: The First Mission” and the newer ones such as “Man of Steel”. These are some of the most popular movies of this summer and they continue to be a huge hit with both boy’s and girl’s audiences. With the recent release of the new “Transformers” movie this summer many Christians may even decide to see it at the cinema this summer. These are all very well made movies that have great characters and stories that can touch the hearts of anyone that sees them. And like any good cartoon the bible movies for kids are always funny and often times the lessons that are taught are very deep and profound.

Of course you do have to make sure that your child is old enough to understand that the cartoon is for them and not just another kind of toy that they are playing with. But if you watch the cartoon regularly then I am sure that your child will grow up to respect the bible and the characters quite easily. It is really amazing what a little glance at this kind of cartoon can do for a young mind.

As a parent you should also know that some of these movies are actually very Christian based and so there are more than one artist who has rendered the various images that are found in these Christian based movies. So if you are not a big fan of these kinds of movies but still want your kids to learn something from them, I suggest that you buy the “Transformers” cartoon series and then let your children see the movie over again until they have seen every single one. These are some of the best Christian based cartoon movies out at the moment and they will keep your children interested for a long time to come.