Increase effectiveness of resume by highlighting important details

In your preparation for a professional life your first step is to create a professional level resume before you start applying to jobs. This will come in use in campus placements, online job portals, all of these places where a resume is required at all times.

When applying to companies through job search sites in India, most sites require you to upload a version of your resume into their database and in addition to receiving  job alerts and notifications to match with relevant job openings.

What helps to make a difference when it comes to impressing potential recruiters is a professional, concise and well-crafted cover letter that introduces you in a professional capacity while the resume template will cover the skills and achievements part of your profile.

Using a cover letter to highlight how suitable you are to the job position at hand is essential, it helps formulate a good first impression, and will draw the attention of the recruiter to why they need to hire you. A cover letter serves as a personal introduction in a few words about your intentions with the post at hand and giving them a glimpse at why you would be ideal for this job, so it helps as much as the resume in this case. A proper cover letter alerts them to why you should be chosen for this particular job, and advances your application, making it a lot more memorable.

Tips to draw attention to your skills

Use a Cover Letter:

A cover letter will enhance your resume’s quality – it should be clear and to the point – brief with a friendly and professional tone. The main purpose of cover letters is usually to help in directing your resume to the exact place. The information which you are providing should be accurate and should act as an introduction to your resume. The recruiter will be looking at several hundreds of profiles – make yours stand out with an introduction and with a first and right impression.

A cover letter is a quick introduction of yourself, showing your suitability
to the job position you are applying to.

Basically, a cover letter exists to introduce information that is not on your resume, rather than repeat what is already on your resume builder. This is the common error that most candidates fail to correct and why their resume ends being less memorable.  This just goes to double up the same information, and they are missing out on a good opportunity to showcase to their potential employer their other skills and outside experiences which may not be written in the resume, but are pertinent to the job position.

Use a Resume Summary

It is advised to target the particular job opening and company using keywords from the job description. This is useful when you want to show to the recruiter that you are perfect for the job at hand due to your requisite skills.

What needs to be addressed in your summary?

  • Address the concerned person in the greeting. It is better than simply writing “to whom it may concern.”
  • Begin with a mention of  why that job interests you.
  • Highlight those skills that are relevant to the post, with an emphasis on why you would be the perfect fit for the position.
  • Mention any certifications that go along with the position.
  • Talk briefly in general about how suited you are for a team and include some soft skills – like attention to detail, readiness to take challenges, task-oriented behaviours etc.
  • Finally include your contact information clearly. Don’t forget to sign, in case of hard copy.

What does a Visual CV need to convey?

The main features of a Visual CV is to convey to your potential employers that you are ready for any challenge and you have the confidence – so use the appropriate phrases in your cover letter to show this.

Use phrases that will try to highlight that you are adaptable to most working conditions that you will encounter.

Your Visual Resume should certainly contain small references (very briefly) highlighting your achievements in your previous last role.

A professionally well crafted cover letter will demonstrate to the employers that you are not blindly applying but have read and understood their requirement and applied your own skill set to it, thus showing your keen interest in being selected for the concerned post.

It demonstrates that you have conducted research into the job roles and that you are keen and interested in being a part of this company, as well as the job.

It indicates a passion for what the company does, which is what will set you apart from other candidates.

How to write a Resume

Build your resume with your work experience, skills and certifications and educational qualifications. Update your resume frequently if you have undertaken any add-on courses. Frame your resume in the chronological order and convey your skills effectively.

Order of your resume:

Your contact details

Include your name, phone number and email address.

Career objective

Two or three lines about your talent which you can relate to the job role.

Your key skills

Mention your skills and strengths you have gained through education and experience.

Any technical qualification

Make a list of certifications that you have attained.

Overview of your career path

Include your work details like your company’s name, your designation and the duration worked in that organisation.

Educational qualifications

Mention your educational details and show your highest level of education and add your academic achievements

History of yourself – personal details

This is the point where you have to present your employability skills and list out your personal attributes like honesty, punctuality, strength and weaknesses, trustworthiness and many such

Reference contacts

List out two references of your colleagues you have worked with and mention their name, designation, company and the contact details

Tailor your resume with the right keywords that match the job role of the organisation. The application may get rejected when the resume has not enough keywords. Add those relevant keywords and phrases in your resume and get linked to your desired job.

There is no need to mention your birth date, personal address, gender, caste, religion etc, these are details not connected to the job. No recruiter will select you based merely on your personal details. Avoid typos and errors and make it more professional with the right words. Never mention any false information in your resume as there will be thorough background checks. Before finalizing your resume template, share it with your friends and get their review.

Frame your resume in the right manner and land your dream job, with the use of a smart cover letter. Use professional resume writing services like what we offer here to get the best format and see your success rise to its heights.