How Good Is Your Custom Soap Box Packaging?

How Good Is Your Custom Soap Box Packaging?

Brands often fail to determine how good is their custom soap box packaging that’s mainly because they are so close to it. As a result, they are unable to decipher how good or bad it is. 

Many businesses that have started years ago still believe they have great packaging. That’s because their customers and sales reps have never suggested them to upgrade their packaging design. After all these years, they are accustomed to using it. Plus, they aren’t worse than the ones offered by small and struggling brands. But the peace was shattered when some of the top brands were looking to launch their soaps in the overseas market. And they were candidly told to come up with a new packaging solution. 

This is when established brands realized how important it is to upgrade custom soap box designs frequently. But the problem doesn’t end here. Sticking with a packaging solution for so many years means you aren’t aware of the current trends and desired functionalities. Owing to this, many leading brands struggle to come up with an attractive and compelling packaging that win customers.   

To fix this problem, here we have outlined some crucial rudiments that should be kept in mind when designing chic custom soap boxes for modern-day customers.  

Packaging Can Be the Difference

We all have heard that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But as an expert, I can assure you that it’s the only thing that people use to judge a book. Especially, when they are buying a product from retailers, the design of the packaging, brand name, logo, and copy can be the difference in leaving a product on the shelf and throwing one in the cart. 

Countless examples will show you how poor cover pictures led to terrible sales. But, when these products got compelling covers, their sales took off immediately.. Time and again, we have seen that owners aren’t willing to change their packaging design despite poor feedback. Simply because they like it or have designed it themselves.  

They only agree to try one when they come across a great new custom soap box design. But later it’s an uphill task to convince the audience to buy their soaps. So it’s essential to make decisions in a timely manner. 

Custom Soap Box Packaging Can Grow your Sales 

If you have poor aesthetic senses like me, you are likely to persist with an average shaped custom soap box packaging. Why? On paper, the standard packaging looks more practical. Not only it requires less time and effort to develop, but the box can also be used to package other products to enjoy incredible savings in the long run.    

Unfortunately, all of this doesn’t come with a warning. You wake up from this terrible dream only when you get to visit a supermarket or retail store, where odd-shaped and colorful packages are standing out and gaining customers’ attention.  

Functional Packaging Offers more Value 

The basic function of the custom soap box packaging is to keep the soaps in optimal condition until they reach the customers. This means it should effectively protect the product during shipment. But, today, the packaging is also used to increase the shelf life of the products while they are sitting on the racks and waiting for the buyers to come along and put them in their carts.    

This indicates that packaging isn’t just used to promote the products or attract new customers in the retail environment. 

Use a Packaging Design that Pops

When in doubt, always use a bright and grating packaging than a classy or dreary design. An attention-grabbing packaging distinguishes your soaps from the herd. This increases the probability of getting picked up as customers head straight towards them before engaging with any other products.

To create such a packaging, you need to hire a printer like the Legacy Printing that has the skills, experience, and equipment to deliver the desired solution within your time and budget.