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Nexim Alloys is a pre-dominant player in the worldwide business sector for the manufacturing, trading, subcontracting, importing and stocking mechanical raw materials and procedure types of equipment.

Nexim Alloys began its glorious journey in 2009 with a mission to add to the development story of India’s monetary advancement by supplying products like Brass & Copper Sheets, Tubes, Profiles, Section & Components, Cupro Nickel Tubes & Copper Parts etc. answers for the rising modern industries of the nation. In the course of recent decades it has been essentially into manufacturing and supplying to driving ventures over the globe.

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Introduction :
[Prestressed Power Spring] / [Customized Prestressed Power Spring]

Prestressed Power springs are made of rectangular area material, are twisted level, and have either exceptional holding gaps or curves on the two finishes. As the length-to-thickness proportion (L/t) expands, the winding space between loops increments quickly. To decrease the space required and keep up a sensible measure of avoidance (turns), prestressed power springs are held in some sort of lodging or case in application.

Specifications :
Material : Type 301 stainless steel is typically used for most applications. High-carbon steel and other
materials may be required. A wide variety of materials are available for use depending on your application.
Thickness : 0.04 – 1.0mm
Width : 2.5 – 90mm