What you must understand about Semi flux denture prosthetics?

What you must understand about Semi flux denture prosthetics?

The Semi flex denture in Kolkata are artificial elements serving dentists to replace missing teeth to the patient. Thus, thanks to advances in technology, mouths can now be rehabilitated with the total absence of teeth. There are three types of dental prostheses, fixed, removable or hybrid. Its use is recommended whenever the patient is missing at least one tooth. Because, if the missing tooth is not replaced, the rest will overload and move, as the contacts will fail.

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Differences between dental prosthetics and implants

The prosthesis attaches to adjacent teeth, and is normally used to fill in the empty holes in the denture caused by tooth loss. For their part, dental implants are used to replace missing teeth but in a different way, since they consist of a titanium post that is inserted directly into the jaw bone, like the root of a natural tooth.

The duration of the prostheses depends a lot on the type of prosthesis and the biology of the person. In turn, the hygiene that the patient maintains, as well as the care that he performs also influences its duration. However, it is very important to periodically visit the trusted dentist, so that he can detect any problem. Prevention is essential in oral problems

What if you need full dental implant?

However, Full Mouth Dental Implant in Kolkata allows a radical turn in dental therapy. Before implants, when teeth were missing, other practices were performed that offered unsightly, unstable or uncomfortable results. A dental implant is like a small screw that is attached to the jaw or maxillary bone to form what will be a means of retention for one or more false teeth. Also, it is used to better fix a complete denture, just as the root does with the teeth. The difference is that an implant is artificial.

Proper hygiene is important

Correctly positioned Dental Implant in Kolkata has no time limit on their useful life if well sanitized by the patient and controlled and maintained by the dentist. But poor oral hygiene can cause loss of the implant. It is that just as the bone that surrounds the teeth is lost due to poor hygiene, the same happens around the implants.