You ever get that feeling that you’re being watched maybe someone’s following you slightly too closely in the streets of Delhi, is that person taking a photo of a building or maybe you thought of these things before and thought maybe a private investigator n Delhi tailing you well. Today a private investigator will answer some secrets that you’ve always wondered about. You’ll hear the amazing techniques they used to find out information on anyone and also how to trail anyone without them knowing.

Today we’re going to look at First Indian Detective Agency private investigators answer questions you’ve always wanted to know. Coming up first we have how to trail anyone we’ve all seen private detective movies where they have to trail their subject now most of the time if this is not on foot but instead, in a vehicle in the movies the detective simply drives right behind the person they’re following but according to a real-life PI, this is very unrealistic after all don’t you think the person would wonder why is that car following me, one investigator said the way they do it is they actually use two different drivers driving two different cars that way the person they’re following isn’t seeing the same car behind them all the time.

FIDA Detectives also have some great techniques for training people on firms they say if you’re watching someone somewhere don’t just look straight at them instead of face a totally different direction and look using the corner of your eye. Many Private Detective Agents will also go through many disguises when they’re training someone on firms for example if they’re trailing someone on the subway they may wear a jacket and a hat but as the person gets off and the detective needs to follow them they’ll ditch their jacket and hat they may keep a baseball cap in their sleeve for a different item of clothing to make it seem like they’re a new person.

Ones Appearance during the Investigation Process
Another tip they say is to dress very boring if you stand out then you have no chances so make sure you wear a neutral color like black gray or dark brown. Next up is dumpster diving you may think of Private Investigators being in sleek offices and cruising around in dark vehicles but if the job really ain’t all that glamorous in fact one of the favorite habitats of P.I. is in a dumpster a wealth of information about people can actually be found in the trash. If the P.I. is investigating you they may go through your trash maybe you bend a very important letter or a receipt from As her maybe it was a bank statement or a letter from a secret lover all of this stuff can be very useful to a PI and sometimes they won’t even go to your trash.

Instead they may go to the trash of your friend your lawyer your neighbor or your doctor sometimes going through trash can even uncover secrets about people, for example maybe they see some illegal paraphernalia in the trash and know that you’re a bad guy doing illegal things next up is location.

Tracking the Location
When it comes to location, a lot of the time personal detectives are hired to locate people burden have to do this with barely any information but using a few handy tips private investigators can locate. Absolutely anyone they only need to know two things a name and a date of birth, and if possible a social security number. Using this stuff they’ll be able to use personal databases of official addresses where people live, and you actually have to be a licensed p.i to get these databases and not any old random Joe of the street can access them you also have to pass many tests and no relevant privacy laws. But some pies apparently use these databases for less than legal reasons after all sometimes pis have to break some laws to make some money.

Next up is facebook, Hey look a new friend request Owen it’s from a pretty girl that’s probably been the thought process of many people who have been spied on by a that’s because one of the first things that people do when investigating us make a Facebook account they will usually create a fake facebook account and then add you to check you out. After all nothing beats in tilt and getting it straight from the source people put everything about themselves on Facebook pictures of their family.

Their friends their home their hometown the school they go to the job they work at their likes their interests pretty much everything you could need to know about someone is on their Facebook page, and one P I said many pies have up to a hundred different fake accounts if they’re investigating a man. They may choose a very pretty woman as the pitcher and if they’re investigating a woman they may choose a hunky man whatever gets them in they’ll do it and they say that their fake accounts are usually much more popular than them.

After all being a private investigator is a very lonely business. Next up is bottle peeing, yeah this is another one of those less glamorous parts of the job. A big part of a pice job is waiting whenever you’re doing surveillance work , you need to learn how to play the waiting game and often times you’ll need to be staring right at one thing you can’t be texting eating or relaxing. You need to be focused 24/7 and sometimes this means bathroom breaks are not possible. That’s why in every pie scar you’ll find a stash of plastic bottles and if you see any yellow liquid inside them do not drink them as they have to sometimes pee in bottles sometimes available to a 12 hour surveillance shift, meaning they can’t move at all. One pee I says if they really have to go number one then they use a plastic water bottle but when it comes to number two’s he says he always holds it thank goodness for that next up is informants who can you really trust in your life.

Can you honestly say you trust every one of your family members friends coworkers as most people can’t and that’s because some people are not very trustworthy at all. TI’s know this and that’s why if they investigate you instantly looked for an informant. One Private Detective Agency in Delhi even admitted that once he got a landlord as an informant he was able to convince the landlord to open up the apartment of the person he was spying up.

But informants can be anyone connected to the person they’re spying on. This maybe someone they actually don’t like like a co-worker who really annoys them, sometimes it’s even a close family member or friend and sometimes P.I will pay for informants information. So if you think you may be being spied on by a P I then be sure to keep your circle small and trustworthy.

Next up is cat fished well in the days of Sherlock Holmes. PI would be investigating massive crimes, sometimes it’s small things PI look into, we’ve all seen the TV show catfish it’s where people meet someone they like online who turns out to be someone totally different. Well apparently the boom in online dating has been a big boost for private investigators.

Doubts and Suspicions
A lot of the time people have suspicions about the people they’re talking to online. They wonder if that special someone on match.com is the real deal, so that’s why they’ll often contact private detective agents to check if they’re the real person or not. One PI said they found out that someone was claiming they owned businesses and properties they really didn’t own and actually they lived at home with their mom. Nothing wrong with that but he really shouldn’t lie about it on a dating profile and one time P I found out that someone who said they were 20 on their profile page was actually a 67 year old woman. Okay I understand saying you’re a couple years younger but come on that is ridiculous so if you think you’re getting scammed by your online love then maybe hire a PI .

Next up is social media, in the olden days PI had to be out and about spying at 24/7 . But nowadays a lot of private investigator work can be done from behind a computer screen. As I mentioned before PI’s have a very specific database that only licensed investigators have access to but ask any Private Detectives and they’ll tell you their favorite database is social media. It’s a gold mine of info as people document their entire lives online.

Once a PI was hired by an insurance company to investigate an injured woman, but the injured woman who claimed lots of money was actually posting photos of herself dancing and exercising, also one person who said they couldn’t pay their child support because they were broke were seen online with a very flashy vehicle. It turns out they’d been lying so they didn’t have to pay up and instead they were splurging on themselves. So guys if you have something to hide then be very careful about posting it on Instagram you never know who could be snooping.

And finally on the list we have don’t call us that you may think that being a private investigator sounds like a cool job title to have, but did you know that most PI don’t like to be called private investigators instead they prefer to be called a legal investigator. This helps them ward off any corny stereotypes from movies and TV shows if they don’t like to be seen as shady characters or people snooping around in dark overcoats and sunglasses. With a fake nose one P.I. said people to find that tag very interesting but he shied away from it he says that the team and most other private investigators operate legally and ethically and are very proud of the work they do.

So when you have a few encounters with a Detective, do not call them a private investigator otherwise you never know you may look out of your window and see them digging through your trash at 3 a.m.