What This Man Did For This Dog Is Incredibly Inspiring


This is Wilson Coutinho Martins.

Wilson, along with his fellow animal rescuers at an NGO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, rescues and rehabilitates injured, abused, and abandoned animals found in the streets. His facebook page chronicles his dedication to animal rescue as he documents his work saving cats and dogs, many with horrible life-threatening injuries.

One of the dogs he rescued is a pitbull named Davi. He was abandoned in an area just outside of Rio, severely malnourished with a huge patch of rotting flesh on his rear.
davi-in-woods davi-in-woods1 davi-in-the-woods2 davi-wound-before

Wilson took Davi home and treated his wounds. He had to go through iv therapy and blood transfusions, but within a month, he started to regain weight while his wounds slowly healed.
davi-in-bandages davi-with-iv davi-lyingdown davi-at-vet
davi-and-wilson davi-before-after davi-in-nov davi-with-bottle davi-severe-wound3 davi-wound-nov

After about four months later, he was a new dog. Thanks to Wilson and his fellow rescuers, Davi is now a healthy and happy dog.
davi-getting-bath davi-hugs davi-in-bath2 davi-jan13 davi-dec12 davi-close-up