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To frame, or not to frame? This is a question that comes up frequently with our clients here at Laasya Art, usually after they have purchased a painting and are preparing to hang it in their home. Many clients assume that framing is essential, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are many instances in which a painting would be better off without a frame.

If you are debating whether or not to frame your newest piece, here are a few of my tried-and-true tips for framing artwork:

Thakur looks best without an added frame.

First, framing is optional — you do not always have to frame! The only exception is works on paper, such as drawings or limited edition screen prints. Works on paper must always be framed to properly protect them from warping and discoloration.
For paintings, if the sides of the canvas have not been painted, I would recommend adding a frame. If the sides have been painted, however, a frame is not a necessity but more of a stylistic choice.
This metal frame ties Sujata Achrekar’s painting into the earthy colors and intricate decor of this home.

If the overall aesthetic of your home is detailed and ornate, a frame can help the painting fit in with the existing furniture and decor. On the other hand, if the overall vibe of your home is more modern with strong, clean lines, you may want to stay away from adding a frame and maintain a more minimalistic look. You can first hang the painting without a frame and see how that looks, if you feel unsure that a frame would complement both the artwork and your home.
If the painting is on the smaller side, a frame can help the work make a bigger visual impact. This is a particularly useful trick for clients who want the painting to fill a certain wall or space.
This float frame adds a streamlined border to Anuradha Thakur’s vibrant painting.

If a painting has a very elaborate image or texture — multiple mediums, intricate handwork, or a mix of vibrant colors — I often recommend to leave it unframed, as the frame will add yet another layer of complexity. If you do want to add a frame, I recommend keeping it simple with a ‘floating’ frame in a solid color.
When choosing a frame, it is important to remember that the painting is the primary story. The frame’s role is to enhance the painting while remaining in the background so to speak — the two should never compete for attention.
These two canvas paintings by Swati Pasari do not require a frame, which fits into the modern vibe of this hom

At Laasya Art, we specifically ask our artists to paint the sides of their canvas paintings so that each client has the option of framing or not, thereby resulting in considerable cost savings as frames can be expensive. If our clients do choose to frame their new artwork, we are happy to help with this process by referring them to trusted professionals.

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— Sonia Nayyar Patwardhan