Let us discuss low rolling resistance tyres

Let us discuss low rolling resistance tyres

Are you aspiring to find the most appropriate tyres for your vehicle?

This is a great decision because buying Tyres Stranraer is not a simple process because of the vast range of tyres available on the market. Every product is made by the tyre makers to achieve certain goals. To fulfil these performance and safety goals, the manufacturers have to consider certain factors like grip, traction, braking, rolling resistance, durability, tyre material etc.

Experts believe that rolling resistance may affect positively the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a look at this essential performance factor.

What is rolling resistance?

When you drive your car, the energy, in the form of gas or electricity, is transferred to the engine that further moves the wheels continuingly to move your car. While your wheels move on the surface, certain forces try to resist them from moving and they have to overcome this resistance.

One of these resistive forces is rolling resistance.  

In simpler words, the rolling resistance of a vehicle is equal to the efforts it made to keep the wheels rolling on the surface.

Rolling resistance takes place due to hysteresis that is referred to energy loss while the tyre is rolling and the engine has to overcome this loss by making extra efforts.

These extra efforts increase the consumption of fuel.

Can experts eliminate rolling resistance?

It would be the rarest case if one may avoid rolling resistance because it is going to happen whenever your wheels move on the road. However, tyre makers, surely, try to reduce rolling resistance by designing the tyres with paying special attention to tread compounds.

Nowadays, lower rolling resistant is one of the most essential features that is added to most branded tyres.

If you look at some branded tyres, you will find out that manufacturers products are fully capable of providing perfect grip and optimum fuel economy at the same time.

Are low rolling resistance tyres beneficial?

Surely, low rolling resistance tyres are advantageous for the drivers who want to improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

According to the findings, if one uses low rolling resistance tyres, he may save at least 10% fuel in comparison to traditional tyres.

Rolling resistance and tyre grip

The traditional design of tyres did not have a healthy relationship between low rolling resistance and tyre grip.

However, modern technology has made it possible to have both features low rolling resistance and perfect traction and grip on the roads.

Many drivers ask if there is a link between a tyre which has low rolling resistance and its grip.

Finding out tyres rolling resistance

At present, tyres are available with an EU level that shows the tyre’s grade in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise level from A to G. A shows the best category while G is the worst.

Rolling resistance is the part of the measurement of fuel economy. It is shown on the tyre with the sign of a petrol pump.

It is not tough to find cheap tyres fitted with the help of a professional tyre dealer because most tyre making brands are aware of the present needs of car owners. So, if you like, you also can be a satisfied owner of low rolling resistance tyres.