List of Used Turf Machinery You Can Buy With Trust

Used Turf Machinery

Lush green turf in the golf course is its main centre of attraction. It is not just meant for an eye-catching view but also contributes to a major role in playing games. Just like all other plants, turf also grows continuously. If you don’t pay attention to its length, soon the entire golf course will turn into a forest. A complete set of different equipment is required to maintain the death of your golf course. These equipment come with huge price tags and seem difficult to buy in brand new condition. If your budget is running short as compared to the value of new equipment, find a dealer of used turf equipment for sale. Until you don’t have an adequate budget for the entire new fleet, used equipment can serve the purpose efficiently. However, you need some knowledge of figuring out the list of equipment that are sufficient in pre-owned condition. We will guide you with the list of such equipment. 

Table of Contents

Used golf course equipment you can buy at less risk

  1. Turf cleaning equipment 

While talking about turf cleaning equipment, we need to consider three different tools including blower, sweeper and vacuum cleaner. In order to prevent an excess of thatch on the ground, cleaning equipment is necessary. Also, we need them most in the autumn season when leaves of trees create a lot of mess in the playing area. 

2. Utility vehicle

A golf course occupies almost 70 hectares of land. Navigation throughout the property on feet is not possible. you need a special utility vehicle to travel and carry the necessary equipment from one place to another. Small utility vehicles are specifically designed for golf courses. We need them only for navigation purposes therefore used vehicles can also serve the purpose efficiently. Before placing your order, don’t forget to check the engine efficiency and loading capacity. 

3. Bunker Rake

Sand bunkers are equally important as turf when it comes to playing a tournament. The sand of bunker traps becomes harder that needs to be brittle. Therefore, a vehicle equipped with a rake is required occasionally. Mostly, we need these turf equipment after rain. 

4. Watering equipment 

Your irrigation equipment just requires a powerful pump to reach a maximum possible area in the minimum time period. In order to maintain the golf course, you need a vehicle with large tank capacity and a hose that can sprinkle water evenly throughout the ground. It can be purchased from the used turf equipment section

5. Aerator and dethatcher

In order to maintain adequate ventilation in the turf, you need both aerator and dethatcher equipment. The aerator has spikes to dig holes in the ground and the dethatcher removes waste material layers formed by decaying grass and other debris. The surface of the golf course becomes hard and doesn’t allow adequate oxygen to the soil. Aeration and dethatching are occasional tasks but necessary for your golf course. Even used equipment can serve the purpose with satisfactory results. 

We are enlisting the above turf maintenance equipment because their less frequent use as compared to golf course mowers. However, don’t forget to check the brand name and year of manufacturing before buying.