NON-IRON SHIRTS – Everything You Need To Know About Them

NON-IRON SHIRTS – Everything You Need To Know About Them

Bracing for the last-minute business meeting or a formal event can get a man down. This especially holds true if someone doesn’t have a smooth set of clothes in their wardrobe. That’s where the efficacy of ‘non-iron shirts’ enters into play. These are the shirts made with wrinkle-resistant fabric that entails no ironing after a wash. Polyester cotton and Merino wool are picture-perfect examples of the best non-iron shirts that can let you flaunt a flawless professional appearance without giving it a burl.

If you are fascinated with the notion of no-efforts dressing, here is everything you need to know about non-iron shirts.

How Do Non-Iron Shirts Work?

Non-iron shirts are seamless for men who are lazy enough to iron their formal shirts before making it to the office. To eliminate those few minutes of ironing and setting up of clothes, non-iron shirts are generally saturated with a formaldehyde-based solution for a wrinkle-free surface.

However, there are some manufacturers who harness only natural means to make a crease-resistant fabric. Merino wool shirts are impeccable illustrations as they are chemical-free and involve only a little expanse of water and grass for manufacturing. Cherry-picking chemical-free non-iron shirts can let one experience all the benefits without any skin concerns.

Who Need To Opt For Non-Iron Shirts?

Even though choosing the non-iron shirts relies on personal preference, the fact that these don’t require much smoothening even after continual wear makes it perfect for business executives and professionals. Another major advantage of updating your wardrobe with such shirts is that they are quick-drying and moisture-wicking. In other words, you can relish the joy of non-iron shirts with convenience and make yourself look all-decked up in both summer and winter seasons.

Pro Tip: Dressing up in commute shirts while reaching the office by cycling in summers is a smart idea. This is because other than presenting the benefit of no ironing, these are quick-drying and can absorb the sweat quickly and help you look all-fresh.

How To Care For Non-Iron Shirts?

Non-iron shirts are definitely all sunshine and rainbows for the people who used to travel daily to their business place. To behold the benefits of such shirts for a longer time, here are a few tips and tricks that you need to consider.

  • Avoid going for a professional dry cleaning service for your non-iron shirts as exposure to high heat can damage the fabric. This is quite essential in the case if the label on the shirt lists no requirement of dry-cleaning. 
  • Use only natural ways of drying the non-iron shirts such as a tumble dryer.
  • Never set your iron on high-temperature if you are using it to iron the collar of the shirts for extra finishing.

Bottom Line

Dressing gracefully and with perfection is something that all men yearn in their daily-routine. Wrinkle resistance fabric serves an all-in-one purpose and can help to deck-out for both formal and informal events without making extra efforts. Therefore, plan now to update your wardrobe with the best non-iron shirts for all the good reasons.